Sweden police are investigating a murder at an asylum center after a fight broke out among refugees on Saturday.

Police said the fight occurred in the town of Ljusne, about 149 miles north of Stockholm. It is the second death that has occurred at a refugee center in the last two months. A 22-year-old asylum center employee was stabbed to death by refugees in January.

Reuters, citing Swedish media, reported that four people had been involved in the fight and at least one sharp object was used. The fight appeared to have occurred among the refugees housed at the center and that no staff was injured in the incident. Police have not released further details about the incident, according to the report.

Sweden saw an influx of migrants cross into the country last year. More than 160,000 asylum seekers took refuge in Sweden, prompting the country to reverse its open-door policy late last year.

The country is expecting 140,000 more refugees in 2016, but the government has previously said it will not allow anywhere near the expected total.

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