Russian Forces Strike Back Against Ukraine’s Counteroffensive

Russia’s Defense Ministry quickly put similar imagery to use in propaganda, publishing a video purporting to show its forces capturing abandoned Bradleys and German-made Leopard tanks in Zaporizhzhia, saying, “Now these are our trophies.” The Russian claim could not be independently verified.

But whatever Ukraine’s early losses, the United States and its European backers have continued to commit aid, including a new military package announced on Tuesday by the Biden administration. The latest package, worth $325 million, includes a total of about two dozen Bradley and Stryker armored fighting vehicles, as well as more rockets for the long-rage HIMARS missile system.

The United States has already sent 109 Bradleys and 90 Strykers to Ukraine, according to the Defense Department, and has committed $40 billion overall in arms, ammunition and equipment since Russia’s invasion last year. Some European countries have also sent dozens of armored fighting vehicles to Ukraine in the past months.

Alongside its battlefield assaults, Russia has kept up its long-range campaign of attacking Ukrainian cities, hitting the president’s hometown, in central Ukraine. Russian missiles hit a warehouse and an apartment building in the city, which was already grappling with the aftermath of the Kakhovka dam disaster, and the authorities said that 28 people had been injured in addition to the 11 killed.

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