Marcos Makes Mark on Foreign Policy in Push for Closer U.S.-Philippines Ties

Since his election, the younger Mr. Marcos has embarked on 10 international trips that his administration says has drummed up investments, even though the opposition has questioned the usefulness of these visits.

“The context here is that, for the longest time, the Marcoses have not been given access to the international space,” said Cleve Arguelles, the chief executive of WR Numero Research, a polling firm in the Philippines. “If you have this kind of ‘restorationist’ president, meaning restoring the reputation and the glory of the Marcos family, I think that plays into the decision of how foreign policy choices are made.”

Despite his new popularity, Mr. Marcos remains a polarizing figure.

On Monday, a group of left-leaning political activists gathered outside the U.S. Embassy in Manila to protest Mr. Marcos’s meeting with Mr. Biden. “We fear that more of our sovereignty will be bartered off in exchange for secondhand equipment and promises of military aid,” said Renato Reyes, the leader of the group, Bayan.

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