A professional Iranian soccer player was jailed earlier this month for allegedly posting what officials called “indecent” photos showing women not wearing their hijabs in violation of Iranian law, several news agencies report.

The pictures were posted to the mobile messaging app Telegram and apparently show 29-year-old Sosha Makani holding hands and dancing with women.

The goalkeeper, who has competed with Iran’s national team and the club team Persepolis, was arrested on Jan. 4 and could remain in jail until an investigation is complete.

Authorities will examine whether Makani published “pictures that lead to the spread of corruption and prostitution in society,” a source told the Mizan news agency.

Makani’s lawyer has claimed his client’s mobile app was hacked, and that Makani did not post the photos. Iranian police are also reportedly investigating.

It is illegal in Iran for members of the opposite sex to mingle with one another. Unmarried couples who are caught together in public could be subject to legal action.

Meanwhile, an Iranian prosecutor warned celebrities last week against sharing images online that could be deemed anti-Islamic.

“In recent weeks, pictures that are inappropriate and against Islamic principles have been published on social media resulting in judicial cases,” Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi said, according to Radio Free Europe.

In November, a man also was jailed after images surfaced on social media showing him with a woman who was wearing revealing clothing, the media outlet adds.