Iran Puts 2 Women Journalists on Trial for What They Wrote

“They are both full of life and passion, and they were fighting with their journalism to improve women’s lives and status in Iran,” said Amir Hossein, a Tehran-based journalist. “Instead of investigating the causes and the people behind Mahsa Amini’s death,” he added, “the regime began blaming the journalists who brought it to light in the first place.”

“What can I say?” Mr. Hossein said. “That’s the reality of journalism in Iran.”

The protests, which lasted for months, have long since fizzled, dispelled by a violent government crackdown that killed at least 573 people, according to human rights groups. But for many of those involved, an official reckoning goes on: The authorities have executed seven protesters, and at least eight more are on death row. At least 95 journalists have been arrested, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Ms. Hamedi and Ms. Mohammadi have won widespread sympathy and acclaim in the West, even landing a spot in Time magazine’s 100 most influential people this year.

“We rarely hear the details” of the abuses of Iranian citizens by the authorities, the citation read. Because of their reporting, it added, “This time was different.”

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