Albert Einstein coin is the smallest of its kind

Switzerland has minted what it calls the smallest gold coin in the world, and it features famed physicist Albert Einstein with his tongue sticking out.

The coin made by state-owned Swissmint is about 0.12 inches in diameter and weighs 1/500th of an ounce. The coin is so small, it comes with a magnifying glass so owners can view the cheeky image of Einstein.

Its value is equivalent to 26 cents. Only 999 coins were made, with each expected to be sold for around $205.

This undated image provided by Swissmint shows a gold coin with the face of Albert Einstein on the image side. State-owned Swissmint said Thursday that the 0.12-inches gold coin is the smallest in the world. (Handout Swissmint/Benjamin Zurbriggen via AP)

Einstein was granted Swiss citizenship in 1901 and is the winner of the 1921 Nobel Prize for physics.


“Swissmint drew inspiration from Albert Einstein, not least because of his determination and patience,” it said in a news release.

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