Why You Need End-to-End Encryption for Your Mobile App

The world we live in today is a scene where mobile devices and technology are playing an increasingly important role.

Mobile apps are responsible for the digitization and transfer of a huge amount of our sensitive data on a daily basis, including messages, health info, financial data, pictures and files, many businesses now run totally on mobile.

But as this phenomenon expands, we are also witnessing a concerning trend of how this sensitive data is being obtained by the wrong people and put to malicious use.

This is due to fact that many of these apps lack the features needed to secure user data and prevent data theft.

One of the most fundamental tools for providing protection from such threats is end-to-end encryption, a technology that can make sure sensitive data can only be accessed by the intended parties, no matter where it resides.

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The Case for Encryption

In the age of digital information, encryption is one of the most vital tools available to governments, companies and people, aimed at providing security in communications. The importance of encryption grows as malicious actors gain further expertise in eavesdropping on communications and obtaining digital data as it travels between different nodes on a network and across the Internet.

The issue at hand is that many firms across the globe are simply unaware about their use of insecure apps, oblivious to the fact that they’re undermining their users’ privacy and leaving them exposed to many risks without their knowledge. The massive data breach at VTech is just one of the many recent security incidents that came to pass as a result of using weak encryption or no encryption at all.

Furthermore, many organizations are neglecting the important issue of security in their crafting of mobile apps, a point driven by a 2015 Ponemon Institute study which shows a mere 5.5 percent of mobile app development budget is allocated to security issues.

How Does End-to-End Encryption Work

To make a long story short, end-to-end encryption is about as secure as communications can get. Transferred data is encrypted and decrypted using a key that is only known to the communicating ends, and no one else, not even the online service provider, the ISP, or any other party that might be involved in the transfer of the data.

This means that aside from the relevant parties, no one else will be able to decipher the data being exchanged, even if they manage to lay their hands on it. This should come as a major sigh of relief for already concerned users, and open the eyes of the uninformed many that may unintentionally trek into uncharted and dangerous territories.

Strong encryption is the technology behind many successful messaging apps such as the Facebook-owned WhatsApp and secure devices such as Apple’s iPhone, which has after a fashion become a vanguard of consumer privacy.

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End-to-End Encryption Integration

Not every company and developer studio has the in-house resources and expertise to develop and bake reliable end-to-end encryption capabilities into their apps. Fortunately, beame.io offers a solution that equips businesses with end-to-end encryption on par with WhatsApp.

Using Wi-Fi, mobile connection and other transports, Beame.io technology provides a software-based network amongst participating users and different types of devices. beame.io transforms your mobile into an SSL server, making it very easy for all web apps out there to engage and integrate with it.

This is where beame.io particularly shines, because contrary to other encryption-based applications, it won’t require users to have the actual app to be able to join your secure communication channel. Anyone can join you with a browser, given of course that they have the credentials to log in to your session.

In one simple step your browser-based app is provided with 2-factor authentication and 1-step app context synchronization. beame.io also delivers secure provisioning of sensitive personal data saved in your mobile or on the cloud, including certificates, private keys, licenses and more.

The flexibility of the Beame.io platform allows data exchange and presentations in a large number of use cases and domains without the usual hassle.

So whether you’re a doctor who wants to share sensitive patient-related information with peers and colleagues, or you’re a scientist with the recipe for the next world-changing invention and you’re having misgivings about your ideas being “picked off the air” as you share them with coworkers, you can rest assured that Beame.io will ensure the confidentiality of the material.

For those who want to move to the next level, Beame.io also offers an SDK to partners, allowing them to integrate the full potential of its end-to-end encryption technology into their own custom-made apps.

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Our lives are becoming more and more dependent on the Internet. This privilege comes with its challenges and threats, as huge amounts of data streams all around us.

To confront this dilemma, more than a billion people are using secure end-to-end encryption technology for their communications, understanding the importance of this feature in modern times as our lives are riddled with hidden dangers and unexpected predicaments.

Flexible and expandable crypto-apps such as Beame.io will help plug a serious security hole for countless companies that are lacking this very crucial technology.

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