What I Learned Spending $500,000 on Facebook Advertising

When you spend a half a million on Facebook advertising, you are pretty much forced to know Facebook ads inside and out.

In the year it took to spend $500,000 on Facebook ads, I learned a ton of very useful information about how to make the best ads, how to gain more followers and how to reach the most potential customers.

If you are thinking about getting into Facebook advertising, read this article first and learn from my mistakes.

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1. Have Great Targeting

Targeting the right demographic is one of the most important parts of using Facebook Advertising.

Facebook knows everything about their users, and they use this to create an incredibly targeted advertising platform.

If you are creating Facebook Ads with no targeting, then you are doing it wrong. Figuring out your target demographic and reaching them on Facebook will increase your Ads click through rate, as well as lower your cost per click.

You will also see a higher conversion rate if you are reaching your target demo.

So how do you find your target demo? One good tool to use is Google Analytics. You can enabled tracking of demographics and affinity categories.

Using this data to see what affinity categories are more likely to purchase or reach a goal on your website. You can then target them demo on Facebook and reach those demographics specifically.

Another great tool is the Custom Audiences Tool for Facebook Ads. You can put a small piece of code on your website and it will gather a custom audience of all your website visitors in the last 30 days and into the future.

You can then create lookalike audience to find similar customers and demographics.

2. Use an Engaging Image

Having a compelling Ad image will catch the Facebook users’ eye and that is your initial chance to pitch the customer your product or website.

With that said, be sure you examine the Facebook Ad Image policies, as they are pretty strict when it comes to advertising images on Facebook.

Good images stand out and should not blend in to the Facebook platform. Ads with bright, eye catching colors will attract more clicks and increase your CTR.

You should create and test multiple ads with different images and A/B test the ones with the best performance.

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3. Use Text in Your Image (20 percent)

Using text in your images will increase your CTR on average about three to five percent. Per Facebook policy, you can only use a maximum of 20 percent text in your images.

We recommend trying to get as close to this percentage as possible.

The great thing about using text in your image is that it can be any color or font you want.

This allows you to have a tagline or title that will stand out more then the Facebook Headline. Ads with text in the images will reduce your CPC and increase CTR.

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4. Provide Great Content

One important factor many people forget about is their landing page. You can have the best Facebook ad in the world, but if your landing page is crap, no one will buy.

Having a relevant and clean landing page is just as important as your ad.

The best type of landing page for Facebook is usually a page with engaging content. This provides more value to your landing page and increases the user’s engagement with your site.

Also, if your users like the content they are more likely to share with their friends which is free traffic!

5. Refresh Your Ads

Many advertisers think that Facebook is a set it and forget it platform. This is far from the truth. A great Facebook advertising campaign is constantly changing.

Once your audience sees your ad, it starts to decay and the CTR will slowly decline as more of your audience sees it.

We recommend duplicating ads and changing the image every once in a while to keep your ad fresh and keep your customers coming.

6. Use Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences is an amazing tool that all Facebook advertisers should be using. The custom audience tool is a small piece of code that goes on your website. It tracks your visitors and saves them into your custom audience.

You can use this audience as a targeting method on your ads or you can create lookalike audiences.

Lookalike audiences are Facebook users that are very similar to your custom audience. This is a great way to find more potential customers from your current user base.

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As your custom audience grows, you can great bigger and bigger lookalike audiences. 

After spending $500,000 on Facebook ads I was able to learn a huge amount of information on how the Facebook ad manager works and the best practices on creating good, engaging ads.

Hopefully, you have a better idea on how to make the best of your Facebook advertising experience.

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