Visibility Marketing 101: Leveraging the Case Studies of Others

An online presence is necessary today to reach people and generate buzz.

However, times are more difficult than ever to truly stand out with some much conversation online.

There is a high number of savvy websites out there who are trying to get people’s attention online whether they are affiliate marketers, personal branding consultants or just heavily involved in their niche.

With that said, how does one get visibility effectively using the same channels that are making it more difficult to be seen?

The short answer is be creative and leverage others. If you are looking for some inspiration, take a look at these remarkable marketing strategies that worked due to their ingenuity and ability to take risks.

Instagram for Visibility 101

Who is Neil Patel? That’s what everyone in the non-marketing world was asking when beautiful women all over Instagram were posing with that question written on themselves, mirrors, or even in large print on their computer. People became intrigued. And people learned who Neil Patel was. Neil Patel is an online marketing consultant making a point. He could get a name out there. And he did. He spent $57,000 to have models pose online with his name. From that, he earned $332,640 in three months.

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Why did this work? I’ll start with the obvious answer, for better or worse, simply: Sex sells. Look at the pictures for yourself.

"Whois NeilPatel" promotional picture on Instagram
"Whois NeilPatel" promotional picture.

In the Instagram world, beautiful women often have many followers due to gorgeous pictures.These followers are going to see the picture asking who Neil Patel is. That’s the next step. This campaign posed a question. Who is Neil Patel? Why should I be interested? Why are gorgeous women asking this in their pictures? The question causes intrigue. Intrigue then generated a high quantity of google searches for his name and more people visiting his website.

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In an age where web traffic can be monetized, this equals business. Another reason this Instagram branding trick worked so well was because these pictures were on social media. A lot of material on social material can be brought to other mediums. It didn’t only have to be seen on Instagram rather it was syndicated and scaled across a wide range of channels. Eventually, this Instagram campaign would soon be seen on Facebook and other mediums, too. Neil Patel wanted to prove that he understood online marketing and get visibility. I think he showed us just that and by leveraging others, he was very successful.

Influence to Scale User Acquisition 101

Nowadays, it’s no secret that in a social media world influencers are the holy grail when it comes to digital marketing. Tapping into influencers is the process of finding key influential experts within a particular niche rather than targeting the market as a whole. 

According to Kate Nowland of Graced By Grit, she has found that by creating an influencer program has helped spread her brand vision. The Graced By Grit niche is gritty, strong, active women who feel empower and comfortable in their own skin. By having an inbound channel connecting users to the team she has been able to target the right people and maintain her branding vision online.

Effectively using an influencer program expands social media traffic and branding ten fold. Much of the traffic originally comes in the form of referral traffic initially from the followers network. Some of this traffic will sign up for newsletter, purchase product and resonate with the vision sticking around for the long term.

The primary keys to success are:

  1. Identify the target users and profile key influencers
  2. Build strong relationships with these influencers
  3. Allow content to be easily accessible online
  4. Harness social media to start, amplify and scale the conversational content

Adding Affiliates Into the Mix 101

Affiliate Marketing has long been a touchy subject as many in the industry have tarnished the name due to black hat tactics and short-term results over long-term value.

However, effective affiliate marketing for E-commerce stores can be a very effective visibility and revenue driver that so many clients currently overlook. By starting an affiliate program business owners do not need to spend as much time investing in building their own website traffic but rather pay commission to affiliates that refer qualified converting (made a purchase) traffic.

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Skincare By Alana owner Alana Mitchell said she was running effective digital marketing campaigns such as PPC, SEO and Social Media without the thought of affiliate marketing. Once they enacted an affiliate program they not only saw an increase in branded traffic to the site due to return users they also started earning more revenue as a result.

The primary keys to success are:

  1. Bring in the appropriate partners
  2. Constantly seek to improve or grow partners
  3. Ensure your on-site experience and content holds the traffic and encourages affiliate to want to partner with you

So there you have it. Here are three case studies that are done right to get you more visibility. What are you favorite techniques and strategies to employ?

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