This photographer hangs off of helicopters to capture surreal beach landscapes

A trip to the beach is all about digging your toes into the warm sand, playing in the water and of course enjoying that signature ocean view. 

But have you ever wondered what the seagulls see while you’re playing around on land?

Antoine Rose, a photographer from Belgium, has captured beach life from above in a stunning series of photos he calls “Up in the Air.”  

Rose takes shots of bright umbrellas, crystal waters and beach goers below by strapping himself to the outside of a helicopter to counter factors like weather conditions and mid-flight movement.

“Taking perfectly vertical shot that still retains all the necessary sharpness to see all the details is always a challenge,” Rose said in an email to Foxnews.com. “As far as I know, there is no sturdy tripod that kills all vibration available as option from the helicopter manufacturers, that’s why I’m working hard to find the correct position, to shoot fully strapped outside and with some secret weapons that helps me get the job done.”

These dangerous efforts result a stunning array of unique patterns on some of America’s most popular beaches, including the Hamptons in New York and Miami. 

Rose is currently working on a show focused on scenes at night and in the snow, but he admits that shooting from a moving, vibrating chopper in the dark is even more difficult than doing it during in the daylight.

“I Love discovering new horizons,” says Rose “As I’m sometimes obsessed to get the shot I want, I need to often return shooting the same location many times.”

Want to get a closer look? Rose’s work is currently being exhibited in the Samuel Owen Gallery in Greenwich, Conn. and Emmanuel Fremin Gallery in New York City.  

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