This jumbo jet-turned hostel makes airplane snoozing a pleasure

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    Inside the Cockpit Suite. (JumboStay.com)

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    An exterior view of the hostel on its runway. (JumboStay.com)

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    Inside the smaller cabin rooms. (JumboStay.com)

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    A peek inside the aircraft hostel’s common area. (JumboStay.com)

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    Now boarding, your hotel. A map shows the central location of hostel. (JumboStay.com)

With cramped seats and recycled airplane air, sleeping on a plane isn’t always easy.

But the Jumbo Stay Hostel in Stockholm, Sweden might change the way you feel about catching some zzz’s on a jet. The converted fuselage has 29 rooms, most with four beds—two bunks each– to maximize space. All rooms have flat screen TV’s and access to a common restroom, like a traditional hostel.

But if you’ve got captain’s money to spend, stay in the luxurious Cockpit Suite or Black Box Suite, which each boast their own bathroom and roomier beds. 

On board, guests can convene in the Jumbo Lounge or have a drink in the Jumbo Bar. Aside from being conveniently located for world travelers, the hostel gets high marks on TripAdvisor for its uniqueness and, somewhat surprisingly, comfort.

Originally a fully operational Boeing 747-212B aircraft, the Jumbo Stay Hostel is located in a real runway at Stockholm’s Arlanda airport so the view is about what you’d expect at your typical airport hotel.

Jumbo Stay officially opened in the summer of 2008 but first “450 seats were taken out and the plane was sanitized in its entirety. The hostel is built like any house, subjected to the same demands on climate control and isolation,” according to hostel’s website. But don’t worry, you won’t take off while slumbering. The plane is bolted to the tarmac with steel fixtures.

Prices for a shared room start around $85 per person, with private accommodations starting at $150 and going over $300 per night.  

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