Take a walk in the clouds on new suspension bridge between mountain peaks


A mock-up of Peak Walk.Glacier3000.com

Need a little fresh air?

Try taking a walk nearly 10,000 feet above ground on this suspension bridge that will link two peaks in the Swiss Alps.

The new bridge will link two mountains: Glacier 3000 and Scex Rouge and soar 9,700 feet into the sky. According to Glacier 3000’s website, this 350 foot bridge will be the first of its kind.

Features of the bridge include a partial glass floor that allows walkers to gaze into the drop below and it will be strong enough to support up to 300 people at a time. The project is called ‘Peak Walk,’ and will provide stunning views  of the surrounding vistas including Mont Blanc and Eiger mountains.

Made from steel cables, the bridge has been designed to stay open year round and will be strong enough to withstand winds of up to 155mph, reports the Daily Mail.

Peak Walk is estimated to cost around $3.4 million and has already faced construction delays due to poor weather conditions in the Swiss Alps over the summer and workers having a difficult time acclimating to thin air at high altitudes.

Though the bridge is the first of its kind as it will the tallest suspension bridge connecting two peaks, the honor of the tallest suspension bridge goes to the Titlis Cliff Walk in Obwalden, Switzerland, which connects a mountain to a chair lift station, 9,977 feet above sea level.

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