Taiwan plans to build a sex and love theme park


Taiwan’s proposed park is likely to be modeled on Jeju Loveland in South Korea that has over 140 sculptures dedicated to sex and lovemaking. (Korean Tourism Organization)

Tourism officials in Taiwan have come up with a new plan to draw in more visitors: sex. 

A sex themed park called “Romantic Boulevard,” will be built on a 37-mile stretch of land along the coast that will feature heart-shaped arches, a glass church and a kinky outdoor sculpture garden with erotic figures of people and animals in “various lovemaking positions.” reports the Wall Street Journal.

“We want people to fall in love with Taiwan as well as fall in love while in Taiwan,” Shih Chao-hui, the deputy director of Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Office, told WSJ. His office promotes tourism mainly in agricultural areas of the country, including Yunlin and Tainan.

The proposed park will likely be modeled after the sex themed Jeju Loveland in South Korea, which opened in 2004. Like Jeju, Taiwan’s park will feature racy statues of oversized genitalia and three-somes. Though Romantic Boulevard is still in the early phase of development, the park has already staged a “scenic area” for couples to take wedding portraits. Shih says a whopping 220,000 people visited the site earlier this month.

The announcement of the park has received mixed reviews from locals, with some –including the central government’s Tourism Bureau, concerned that the park will hurt Taiwan’s reputation abroad.

But Shih told China Real Time that he’s already been inundated with emails from people asking when the park will be open. 

“Look, we are in the business of tourism, not education or religion, so the question should be, will the park generate business opportunities and we believe the answer is yes,” said Shih.

Though the Tourism Bureau has yet to announce support for the sex theme park, a representative for the bureau reportedly told reporters that, “Taiwan is a romantic place and we are always looking for creative ways to promote it.”

Shih is currently seeking more investors and said he hopes a hotel will be built next to the park “just in case visitors want turn their feelings into actions.”

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