JetBlue rolls out etiquette in the air video series


Has this ever happened to you? (YouTube/JetBlue)

Last year, airlines experienced their fair share of impolite passengers.

From the contentious legroom wars to shameless slouchers, it seemed as if cabin crew members were often called upon to act more like parents of poorly behaved children than attendants.

Now, JetBlue wants to put an end to bad behavior in the skies with a new web series featuring air faux pas.

“We wanted to say, ‘We’ve all been there. We get it, and let’s talk about it,’” Lisa Borromeo, JetBlue director of brand management and advertising, told Bloomberg. “It’s a universal truth of flying.”

In first episode of “Flight Etiquette,” we encounter a next seat napper with no concept of personal space. Though funny, the video doesn’t really offer any solution other than to suffer through the obnoxious snoring and potential drool on your shoulder.

Episode two  features a woman who, after consuming numerous beverages, needs to escape her window seat for a trip to the restroom. Unfortunately her seatmates are sound asleep, prompting her attempt to first crawl over their laps, then under the seat.

Will these videos actually make a difference?

JetBlue admitted that the series isn’t really about finding solutions and the “exaggerated examples are meant to be fun” and inspire a traveler dialogue. The real answer may lie in airlines’ decisions to change cabin configurations or impose rules on reclining–something that’s bound to anger some.

 In the meantime, we’ll let the thoughtful YouTubers leave a few helpful suggestion in the comments section.

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