Inside Australia’s beer can boat race


Beer cans for boat building?Reuters

Sure, beer cans float. But would you take a ride on one?

Behold Australia’s 40th annual Darwin Lions Beer Can Regatta.

While the festival may sound silly, a look at some of these ingenious rafts prove some people are great creating amazing things using unusual materials. More than 15,000 flocked to the beach on July 6 to take in the event this year, according to the Daily Mail. But with a final prize of just $500—hardly enough to recoup funds spent on beer– it may be more about the glory than winning the money for participants.

Taking place on Mindil Beach in Australia Northern Territory, the Beer Can Regatta features no specific rules for boat entry. Some structures look like simple rafts while one particularly ambitious design is reminiscent of dragon-bowed Viking ship. Some boats used up to a 1,000 cans.

This year’s winner donated the money back to event organizers.

Check out the video that proves once and for all Australians know how to have a good time.

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