Daredevil teens take extreme selfie video on top of 1,000 ft skyscraper


A selfie video at over 1,000 feet.YouTube/Frank Wu

Are daredevil photographers taking selfies too far?

Three teenage students have posted the ultimate daredevil video, taken at the top of one of Hong Kong’s tallest skyscrapers that rises 1,135 feet above the city.

Daniel Lau, the videographer, used a selfie stick tool and a wide-angle lens on his camera to produce the extreme video, according to the Daily Mail. His companions, fellow extreme photographers Anrew Tso and Airin S., ate bananas while perched atop the building’s antenna. Lau’s video, posted by YouTube user Frank Wu, now has over 515,000 views.

The Center building, Hong Kong’s fifth tallest skyscraper, may be one of Lau’s best known selfie stunts but the student’s Instagram account is filled with daredevil pictures taken from death defying heights.

Extreme selfies are taking off with travelers all over the world. 

In June, Lee Thompson, founder of the British adventure travel company The Flash Pack, ascended 124 feet to the top of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and posted a picture after his half hour climb.

Thompson, an experienced climber, was prepared for the dangerous climb, but other tourists trying to take ultimate snapshots haven’t been as fortunate.

A Polish couple fell off the edge of a cliff in Portugal while they were reportedly trying to take a selfie as their young children watched.

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