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Comealong Travel Club, a leading charter tour company based in Australia, has expanded its wide selection of quality charter and tour services to include special accommodations for travelers of advancing age.

“Seniors enjoy traveling just as much as young adults and families. However, many choose to forego extensive travel, even though they have reached the point in their lives that they have both the time and the money to enjoy it, because there is a lack of tours and charters available that cater to their interests. The truth is, being a senior often means that your travel choices are limited. This is why Comealong Travel Centers has decided to fill the void for seniors and offer a senior’s only travel club and newsletter that caters specifically to the travel needs and interests of our older customers. If you have wanted to see the sights in Australia, there is no better company to book your Seniors Coach Tours with than Comealong’s Travel Club,” says the president of Comealong Travel Club president.

Comealong Travel Club has designed several different Australian tours specifically for its senior members that allows them to become fully immersed in the sights and sounds of Australia. The Tasmania Top to Toe Tour gives seniors the opportunity to spend 14 fun filled days in Tasmania. In addition, there are tours that offer other exciting adventures such as 9 days at Kangaroo Island or 7 days at the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia. “Regardless of the regions our senior members want to see, there is a Comealong Tour that will take them there.” The main benefit to the senior tours offered by Comealong is not so much the locations they offer, but the structure of the tour itself. Each tour is designed to progress at a slower pace, allowing senior members the opportunity to enjoy the experience at their own pace rather than trying to pack in many different attractions at a more hectic pace.

In addition to their seniors-only tours, Comealong Travel Club also offers a newsletter than offers a wealth of information regarding each of the tours as well as keeping members abreast on the latest goings-on in specific regions.

The senior charters available through Comealong Travel Club offers additional benefits to those that are offered to all customers. “At Comealong Travel Club, we understand that our senior members may have special needs in order to be able to travel safely. We strive to ensure that each of these needs are met professionally and with sensitivity. We have always been known for offering outstanding customer service and we take pride in carrying that tradition on to our senior members. The safety and enjoyment of each of our travelers is our number one concern,” says the president of Comealong’s Travel Center.

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