Airbus patents touchscreen ‘smart window’ for airplanes


The airplanes of the future may have touchscreen interactive windows. (AP Photo)

Airline passengers of the future may all be clamoring for a window seat if Airbus’ newest design comes to fruition.

The France-based aircraft maker has patented a new cabin feature for a “smart aircraft window,” reports Skift. Originally introduced in its “aircraft of tomorrow concept,” the touch screen window allows passengers to simply tap a pane to learn more about the sights visible below.

Imagine flying past the Eiffel Towel and being able to receive information in real time about how it was built and other construction details. Or perhaps flying over the Grand Canyon could become an interaction geography lesson.

The patent, which was filed in the U.S. on March 19, calls the window a “method for interactive visualization of information in an aircraft cabin.” The new touchscreen windows would be a remarkable innovation if paired with Airbus’ proposed design for panoramic windows that stretch up to the roof of the redesigned aircraft cabins.

Even with this high-tech window innovation, some people may still prefer the aisle. Either way, the idea of for a smart plane window screen is light years beyond the uncomfortable, yet space saving, bicycle seat concept.

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