$300,000 bottle service that gets you an audience with the Queen of England

This drink comes with a chaser of British royalty. 

The Las Vegas Life nightclub is offering a new bottle service called “Royal Life” that not only treats you like a king or queen while in Sin City, but it also sends you to the United Kingdom to meet the Queen of England. 

“This package is probably the most exclusive package you can possibly buy,” said Memphis Garret, general manager of Life. “We actually only have the ability to sell three a year so that makes it all the more.”

Vegas is known for its VIP bottle service packages where guests can easily rack up a $10,000 tab in one night—but the Royal Life, which sells for a hefty $300,000, make most other packages look like options for mere peasants. 

The service gets you endless top shelf liquor, VIP treatment and a 30-liter gold bottle of the legendary Ace of Spades Champagne, which weighs 100 pounds and is equivalent to 40 regular bottles.  So there is plenty to share for all your friends.

It also pays for the travel expenses for you and your guests to fly to meet the Queen of England at the annual Royal Ascot, a horse race outside of London where the British elite go to rub elbows.

“At the end of the day we were like how do we differentiate someone that spends $300,000,” Garret said. “What could they possibly want they couldn’t just buy themselves?”

It’s not a bad deal if you break down the costs. Ace of Spades, which is owned by entertainment impresario Jay Z, sells its 30-liter bottle of Champagne for about $200,000 a bottle.

The club hasn’t sold a royal package since it opened in 2014, but with all of high rollers that come through Sin City, Garret said it will appeal to some because, after all, you can’t put a price tag on meeting the Queen of England.  

“Just because you have money doesn’t mean you walk up and meet the Queen of England.”

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