Time for a Refresh: The Essentials of Website Spring Cleaning

Springtime is the season of renewal, change and hope. It is also the season to step back and analyze your website to ensure it’s delivering the results your business deserves.

Design, content, and a user-friendly experience are the three of your website’s most important features. They can make or break a business deal, drive leads through the sales funnel, or become your primary customer acquisition channel.

But how do you know exactly what improvements your website needs to land that life-changing sale? Start by looking around. Lurk on your competitors’ websites. Check out other professional sites to find design or content elements that fit your brand.

The evolution of the website has altered how companies are doing business online, so make sure you’re staying on top of the latest trends both in your industry, and on the rest of the web.

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Design and Color Scheme

Introduce viewers to your business with an easy and simple design. Avoid using colors that clash, like tomato red font on an emerald green background. They’re electrifying on the eyes, making your content difficult to see and read. Don’t deter users by giving them headaches almost as soon as they land on your site.

Recognize what colors are relevant to your industry and find a unique way to bring them together to create a visually impressive experience for users while communicating a sense of power and leadership.


Plain yet pleasing font styles are preferable and easier for users to consume. If you run a toy shop, you might use a decorative font like Apple Chancery or Copperplate Gothic Bold in your logo to attract the attention of your target audience, but those fonts are less than ideal for your website content. It’s important to choose a font that doesn’t take away from the power of your content. Some fonts can be particularly distracting, preventing your readers from sticking around.


When focusing on your visual appeal, make sure all images are relevant to your industry and the written content of your website. Consider investing in a subscription to a stock photo supply company, or hire a professional photographer. Also remember, it’s illegal to save an image from another website and upload it onto yours. Just as with literature, there are copyright laws pertaining to the legal use of images.

Infographics are a fun way to present facts and statistics otherwise just splashed on a page. They intrigue your visitors and give your website personality. It can be tough to create a compelling or engaging infographic if you have no design experience, so consider hiring a good designer to put one together for you.

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Use words wisely. You’ll lose your audience when you try to prove how much you know by publishing never-ending pieces of content with complicated jargon.


Creating a wireframe for each major page of your website during the redesign or refresh process is ideal for a better visualization of your content and the overall layout of each page. Although they’re not typically designed to feature images, wireframes usually contain blocks for content, a color palette, and a navigation structure.


Always be consistent with the voice of your website content. Whether it’s casual or strictly professional, you want your viewers’ first impressions of you to be solid. Inconsistent tone demonstrates a lack of professionalism and focus.

The exception to this is, of course, is your company blog. You may feature guest posts, for example, and the tone of each piece should be different from that of the rest of your site, since they will reflect the personality of each individual author.


Your content needs to be searchable. Google loves combing over content to provide users with results most relevant to their inquiries. Search engines and web surfers tend to prefer clear, concise, and easily digestible content. SEO is tricky, often requiring hours of keyword research. It can be maddening trying to plug all those search terms into your site in a pleasant and organic way. Search engine marketing is an intense business, which is why many businesses turn to Internet marketing companies for assistance.


From desktop viewers to mobile users, your website needs to be easy to navigate. The user experience you provide through your website should be built on simplicity and the ability to find information quickly and efficiently, regardless of the device or browser.

Your website should also be compatible with search engines. Google wants to provide the best experience possible for businesses and consumers, and it recently revealed a new strategy for achieving just that. Although it’s still in the experimental phase, Internet marketing companies are particularly interested in the newly released update and are utilizing the new changes to their clients’ advantages.

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Spring cleaning your website shouldn’t be done on a lark. It takes careful planning, plenty of preparation, and efficient execution. If done correctly, it can transform your business by boosting its reputation and increasing its bottom line.

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