Khan Academy’s AI Tutor Bot Aims to Reshape Learning

Khanmigo is among the wave of new A.I.-powered learning tools. It was developed by Khan Academy, a nonprofit education giant whose video tutorials and practice problems have been used by tens of millions of students.

Sal Khan, the founder of Khan Academy — and of Khan Lab School, a separate nonprofit organization — said he hoped the chatbot would democratize student access to individualized tutoring. He also said it could greatly help teachers with tasks like lesson planning, freeing them up to spend more time with their students.

“It’ll enable every student in the United States, and eventually on the planet, to effectively have a world-class personal tutor,” Mr. Khan said.

Hundreds of public schools already use Khan Academy’s online lessons for math and other subjects. Now the nonprofit, which introduced Khanmigo this year, is pilot-testing the tutoring bot with districts, including Newark Public Schools in New Jersey.

Khan Academy developed the bot with guardrails for schools, Mr. Khan said. These include a monitoring system that is designed to alert teachers if students using Khanmigo seem fixated on issues like self-harm. Mr. Khan said his group was studying Khanmigo’s effectiveness and planned to make it widely available to districts this fall.

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