Google I/O: AI Is Embedded in Search, Building on Tech’s New Craze

But Google, along with the rest of Silicon Valley, was surprised by the success of ChatGPT. In December, Google declared a “code red” to find ways to incorporate the technology behind ChatGPT, called generative A.I., into its own products.

Google said at its conference on Wednesday that it has now embedded its latest A.I. technology into 25 products, including the search updates and a feature to help users write emails in Gmail.

“Seven years into our journey as an A.I.-first company, we are at an exciting inflection point,” Sundar Pichai, Google’s chief executive, said at the conference. “With generative A.I., we’re taking the next step, with a bold and responsible approach, we are reimagining all of our products.”

The company also doubled down on its hardware ambitions, releasing two new smartphones and a tablet. On the high end was the Pixel Fold, Google’s first folding phone. For the budget minded, it offered the Pixel 7A, a phone that costs $500. The company made its Pixel Tablet both portable and able to dock on a speaker, so it can function like a smart home display.

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