Elizabeth Holmes Reports to Prison in Texas on Tuesday

Since her conviction, Ms. Holmes has been living in a rental home in San Diego near the family of Billy Evans, who is the father of her two children. During her trial, held in San Jose, Calif., Ms. Holmes and Mr. Evans lived in a home on the grounds of Green Gables, a $135 million estate in the wealthy town of Woodside.

Their two young children, William and Invicta, will be able to conduct video calls with Ms. Holmes and visit her on weekends and federal holidays. Phone calls are limited to 15 minutes each, with a total of 300 minutes per month.

At F.P.C. Bryan, Ms. Holmes, known for wearing black turtlenecks to mimic Steve Jobs while running Theranos and, during her trial, sporting heels, sheath dresses and a diaper bag, will wear prison-issued khaki pants and shirts in pastel green, gray or white with athletic shoes that must not exceed $100 in value.

She will not have any internet access but can buy a radio ($31.75) or an MP3 player ($88.40) from the commissary. All music must be “non-explicit,” according to the prison’s handbook.

F.P.C. Bryan offers leisure activities including music programs, “table games” and movies, according to its handbook. Arts and crafts are available, including beading, knitting, paper art, crochet and ceramics. A crochet needle costs $1.30 and yarn is $3.55 at F.P.C. Bryan’s commissary, according to the handbook.

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