Apple Debuts the Vision Pro, Its VR Headset, at WWDC 2023

Analysts do not anticipate the Vision Pro, which will be available early next year, to have significant mainstream appeal — at least at first. The $3,500 price could dissuade many consumers.

Carolina Milanesi, a consumer tech analyst for the research firm Creative Strategies, said she did not think the headset “is going to be for mass-market consumers.” Instead, she said, “it will be for early adopters — where Apple most often starts — and developers.”

If the device lacks broad appeal, it could still be a useful trial run for Apple, which could eventually create a virtual reality product aimed at a wider group of consumers, like a lightweight pair of glasses.

“I don’t think Apple has super-huge expectations,” said Jeff Fieldhack, a research director at Counterpoint Research. “They know this is an evolution that’s going to take some time.”

Apple could also vault to the forefront of the XR market — a term for extended reality, similar to virtual reality, Mr. Fieldhack said.

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