A.I.-Generated News, Reviews and Other Content Found on Websites

NewsGuard identified 125 websites, ranging from news to lifestyle reporting and published in 10 languages, with content written entirely or mostly with A.I. tools.

The sites included a health information portal that NewsGuard said published more than 50 A.I.-generated articles offering medical advice.

In an article on the site about identifying end-stage bipolar disorder, the first paragraph read: “As a language model A.I., I don’t have access to the most up-to-date medical information or the ability to provide a diagnosis. Additionally, ‘end stage bipolar’ is not a recognized medical term.” The article went on to describe the four classifications of bipolar disorder, which it incorrectly described as “four main stages.”

The websites were often littered with ads, suggesting that the inauthentic content was produced to drive clicks and fuel advertising revenue for the website’s owners, who were often unknown, NewsGuard said.

The findings include 49 websites using A.I. content that NewsGuard identified earlier this month.

Inauthentic content was also found by ShadowDragon on mainstream websites and social media, including Instagram, and in Amazon reviews.

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