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“A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention…” – Herbert A. Simon

I first recall researching “social media” online seven or eight years ago, just as the term was gaining traction in marketing circles. The promise of “Web 2.0” (the previous buzzword, which got tossed around by so many marketers without really understanding what it meant) was finally coming to fruition and we were all struggling to figure out how it was going to change our lives and our careers.

Farmville was all the rage, and the number of digital sheep littering our feeds had only served to reinforce that Facebook was more than a place to connect and share photos—it was a place to make money and connect a brand. Meanwhile, Twitter usage was on the rise, and our phones were suddenly connecting us in ways we never believed possible. It was a world in flux, rife with opportunity.

In those days, finding valuable insights on how leverage social media was challenging. Advice was out there, but a lot of it was focused on using old strategies in a new space, and—let’s be honest—a lot of our successes came through trial and error. Finding value online was frequently a crapshoot.

Today we face a vastly different challenge. There are numerous social media blogs available, and with our limited time we need to find the ones that not only give good information—so many of them do—but that offer unique value so that the small number of blogs we choose to read are focusing on broadly different areas and delivering unique information or ideas.

With that in mind, I offer this list of 10 blogs to follow on the topic of social media. Unlike some top 10 lists, I’ve created this list with the goal of providing resources that approach the topic from different vantage points, or that focus on particular topic areas or platforms.

This list is far from comprehensive—there are just too many good blogs out there. But these are the ones I follow to keep up to date on various aspects of the social media industry.  

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1. Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner is a go-to blog for many top-10 lists, and for good reason. If you’re looking for a way to stay informed about what’s happening with social media, what changes the various platforms are making, and what opportunities you may be missing, this is the blog for you.

2. MarketingProfs 

While technically this blog covers all facets of marketing, MarketingProfs offers frequent guidance on social media, but in a “how to” format. Regular posting of useful infographics keeps this blog engaging and dynamic.

3. HubSpot 

Another general blog with dedicated social media content, what sets HubSpot  apart is its focus on social media as an integrated aspect inbound marketing. As a marketing automation provider, HubSpot practices what it preaches; this blog provides everything from checklists and webcasts to infographics and eBooks to help you organize and implement your social media efforts. Full disclosure: I am a HubSpot client, but there is value in the blog regardless of which marketing automation platform(s) you may use.

4. LinkedIntoBusiness 

Focusing on LinkedIntoBusiness  (and by extension all aspects of business networking) by Viveka von Rosen delves deeply into various aspects of the world’s largest professional networking platform. It’s a must-read for entrepreneurs and small business owners whose businesses thrive on generating sales through networking and referrals.

5. Boom Social 

While we’re on the topic of networking and sales, Boom Social is a great resource for those focused on social selling. I’ve recommended this blog in the past to sales managers and salespeople as one of the best ways to learn more or stay current about social media as driver of sales success.

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6. SocialBro 

SocialBro is for Twitter what LinkedIntoBusiness is for LinkedIn. While SocialBro’s social strategy blog touches on other sites and channels as well, its key focus is on successful usage of Twitter. Frequent posts cover industry trends, platform news, new techniques, and best practices to take your tweets to the next level. 

7. Socially Sorted 

If you’re looking for something both engaging and fun, Socially Sorted from Australian Donna Moritz fits the bill. Practical “how-to” content is posted on a weekly- to bi-weekly basis, and is generally organized into easily-digestible, numbered lists. 

8. Social Media Today

If you want more frequent content, Social Media Today may be what you’re looking for. Frequently updated with multiple entries each day, SMT’s content keeps you up to date on everything you’ll need to know in the world of social media in a news brief format.

9. Simply Measured

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges in social media is quantifying success—and that’s the point of Simply Measured. While the content on this blog is often similar in nature to other blogs, the focus on data and analytics to quantify the value of various channels and strategies sets it apart. If you like data, you’ll love this blog.

10. Falcon Social 

Last, but not least, Falcon Social  is a relatively new blog to my reading list. I’ve been following this blog for only a few months, but it offers some valuable deep dive content including case studies, best practices, and industry news. New content appears on about a bi-weekly basis, so it doesn’t overwhelm my inbox—a challenge in adding new blogs to my regular reading.

Did I miss your favorite blog? Let me know! Find me on Twitter.

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