Yankees Game Postponed Because of Smoke From Wildfires

Other M.L.B. games in the Northeast were not postponed on Wednesday because the conditions in those cities were not as severe. The Pirates played an afternoon game against the Oakland Athletics in Pittsburgh with an A.Q.I. in excess of 150 at various points. The Guardians were expected to play their night game against the Boston Red Sox in Cleveland with the A.Q.I. at around 100.

While there were numerous complaints from journalists and fans on social media about the decision to play the full schedule of games on Tuesday, players and coaches for the Yankees played down the difficulty. Third baseman Josh Donaldson said that it had seemed foggy but that it had been “nothing out of the ordinary,” and Boone compared it to the smog that teams are used to playing through in Southern California.

One White Sox player said he had felt some adverse affects after Tuesday’s game.

“You know, I had a cough this morning, sore chest — nothing too terrible,” Andrew Vaughn told reporters on Wednesday. “Some of those balls went up and you kind of lose them for a second. It got a little hazy, and you kind of lose them in the lights. It was definitely tough to see.”

A situation similar to this week’s events played out on the West Coast in 2020. The Oakland Athletics and the Seattle Mariners played a September doubleheader that season with an A.Q.I. of 220 at the first pitch, also as a result of wildfires, only for M.L.B. to relocate the Mariners’ next two games to San Francisco after criticism from players and fans.

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