Video of Liverpool’s John W Henry refusing to speak to the BBC after Super League collapse

Video of Liverpool’s John W Henry refusing to speak to the BBC after Super League collapse

Liverpool’s John W Henry refusing to speak to the BBC

The BBC tried and failed to speak to John W Henry following Liverpool’s withdrawal from the Super League on Tuesday night.

Reporter Michelle Fleury was stood outside Fenway Park Stadium as John W Henry got out of a car at the home of the Boston Red Sox.

Soon after exiting the vehicle, John W Henry acknowledged and waved to the BBC reporter.

Michelle Fleury then asked the following questions:

Good evening Mr Henry, we’re from the BBC. Any words for the fans? Any words for the fans, please?

Is this the end of your plans for the ESL? Do you still intend to keep hold of your ownership in Liverpool?

John W Henry refused to answer the questions, however the confrontation appeared to impact the Liverpool owner as he appeared to take a wrong turn down a corridor as he tried to evade the reporter.


John W Henry mumbles something to the BBC

In the second cut in the video, Michelle Fleury again tried to prise a quote from John W Henry asking:

Mr Henry. We couldn’t hear you earlier. Is there anything you’d like to say to the fans of Liverpool? 

On this occasion, John W Henry did reply, however what was said was hard to hear.

It seemed that John W Henry said “Yes, I do”, however it is difficult to be sure what the Liverpool owner mumbled.


Watch the video: John W Henry vs BBC

How Liverpool backed out of the Super League

Liverpool announced their decision to back out of the Super League in a short statement, which read:

Liverpool Football Club can confirm that our involvement in proposed plans to form a European Super League has been discontinued.

In recent days, the club has received representations from various key stakeholders, both internally and externally, and we would like to thank them for their valuable contributions.

Carragher: No future for FSG at Liverpool

Speaking on Sky Sports, former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher explained why he believes FSG have no future left at Liverpool. He said:

I don’t see a future for the ownership of FSG at Liverpool, I really don’t. They’re just making it worse for themselves the longer they hang in.

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