St Etienne slam Arsenal as William Saliba’s loan ends after ‘unacceptable sports & financial conditions’

William Saliba

William Saliba is now joining Arsenal

According to Ligue 1 side St Etienne, 19-year-old defender William Saliba is now on his way to Arsenal.

Arsenal signed Saliba last summer, however the Gunners agreed to allow the defender to remain with Les Verts for the 2019-20 season.

While the French league season was ended several weeks ago, the French Cup final is still poised to go ahead.

St Etienne are due to take on PSG in the Coupe De France showpiece on July 24.

However, St Etienne will have to go into that game without Saliba.


St Etienne slam Arsenal after ‘unacceptable sports & financial conditions’

On Tuesday, in his press conference before the Norwich game, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta was aksed about Saliba’s situation.

At the time of the question, Saliba was still a St Etienne player, as his loan agreement only expired at midnight on June 30.

Arteta indicated that he was happy for the teenager to remain in France to play in the final. Arteta said:

He has earned his right to play that final if their manager wants to do that.

I think we have to give him the opportunity to do that, to enjoy that, and we can have him after that.