Raissman: Buck slights McCarver by saying new broadcast team is ‘best’

Joe Buck leaves himself wide open for speculation regarding how he felt about working with Tim McCarver because of recent comments made in a conference call. Joe Buck leaves himself wide open for speculation regarding how he felt about working with Tim McCarver because of recent comments made in a conference call.

Was Joe Buck taking a not-so-veiled shot at his former partner Tim McCarver, the Hall-of-Fame voice who exited Fox Sports baseball’s booth after last season’s World Series?

The question is legit after hearing Buck, on an All-Star Game conference call, talk about what it has been like working with his new partners Harold Reynolds and Tom Verducci.

“This has been the most enjoyable first half of a season that I can remember. I can’t wait to get to the ballpark. I leave with a smile on my face,” Buck said. “This is the best broadcast I’ve been part of for a lot of different reasons, but I think it certainly has to do with the two (new) analysts.”

Does this mean Buck did not have many “enjoyable” first half seasons with McCarver?

Does it mean the broadcasts he has worked with his new partners are better than the ones with McCarver?

Does it mean he wasn’t excited to “get to the ballpark” all those years with McCarver?

Did Buck leave the booth with a frown on his face when he worked with McCarver?

Having followed the McCarver-Buck team from beginning to end we must say the only thing Buck is guilty of is not putting much thought into what he said on the conference call. He left himself wide open for the kind of speculation presented here.

Through all the years, and all the games (from regular season to dramatic World Series tilts) Buck and McCarver were more than in sync. Their interplay showed they cared about the game and each other. If it wasn’t evident every inning they worked together, it certainly was when Buck spoke emotionally about McCarver down the stretch of their final season together.

“Somebody who doesn’t know Joe and doesn’t know how much Joe loved Tim, and loves Tim, could attach a negative to Joe’s comment (on the conference call),” said a television executive who has worked closely with both broadcasters. “He adores Tim. I think that (Buck’s comment) was an effort to play up the new guys rather than it was to say anything disparaging (about McCarver).”

The reality Buck now faces is not complicated: initially, his partnership with McCarver will be compared to what he and his new mates produce. They will work on their biggest stage so far Tuesday night during Fox’s All-Star telecast.

Will Buck leave the booth with a smile on his face?


Now if Johnny Manziel can hold up his end of the bargain, it will be commonplace to see many more national game telecasts coming out of Cleveland.

What are the chances of ESPN setting up a bureau in Cleveland? Maybe the faculty will ship Brian Windhorst, their professor of LeBron Jamesology, there to run it.

Seriously though, the Cavs have gone from a minus-zero TV attraction to maximum appearances next season on ESPN and TNT. That’s for sure.


This space has already speculated on Stephen A. Smith’s ESPN-98.7 future, or lack thereof. Anyone listening to SAS and Ryan Ruocco Wednesday heard it from Sir Loud himself.

When a caller said he enjoyed listening to each talkie fly solo, SAS was quick to respond, saying: “Ryan Ruocco can have the show. I have enough on my plate.”

And it looks like a few more meals are in the oven and close to being served up. Stoolies said ESPN brass is looking at throwing more TV opportunities Smith’s way and may already have.

Do any of them concern ESPN’s NBA coverage? Stay tuned.


With the rest of Masahiro Tanaka’s season in doubt, things could not be more serious for the Yankees organization.

Let’s hope Joe Girardi, along with the suits upstairs, don’t decide to circle the wagons and sharpen the focus by cutting out all extracurricular activities — like Mark Teixeira’s hilarious “Foul Territory” TV show, only on YES.

This is just what Yankees fans, engulfed in gloom, need right now. Teixeira’s program is the kind of funny that makes stuff comes out your nose. Tex plays the role of a dopey/robotic interviewer. We have yet to figure out what baseball writer Teixeira based the character on.

There have been some classic interviews, including his A+ effort interviewing a “brand new base.” Among the penetrating questions posed to the base are:

“When you were painted, did you think you would be a first base, a second base, a third base?”

“All right base, have you ever thought of being anything else — like home plate or a pitcher’s mound?”

And at one point Teixeira says: “I’m going to pretend that he (the base) answers and move on to the next question.”

We are begging the suits not to cancel this show. And we are begging Teixeira to do a sitdown with John (Pa) Sterling and Suzyn (Ma) Waldman.


SportsNet New York’s Mets crew works without a net.

Yet they were looking for some safety Monday night during the second inning of Braves-Mets.

After Keith Hernandez brought up the “original” Braves screaming Indian sleeve-patch logo, Gary Cohen pointed out the Braves mascot, Chief Noc-A-Homa, has “disappeared.” The Chief was “retired” in 1986.

It sure looked like the guys, who have been known to tackle different sports issues during a telecast, were headed toward their take on the Redskins controversy. Didn’t happen. Would’ve been interesting.


Working with a variety of partners who bring different opinions and moods to the microphone forces Marc (Moose) Malusis to keep his mouth in overdrive and well-oiled.

Whether it be with Maggie Gray (CBS Sports Radio) or Kimberly Jones (WFAN) or the variety of mouths on SNY, Malusis has multiple gears, from finesse to steamroller.

Last week he was paired with FAN wannabe — and current Miami morning mouth now mourning the loss of King James — Sid (Sidiot) Rosenberg. The alliance was combustible. Since the show was not simulcast, we could only assume Sid showed up Tuesday wearing a Carmelo Anthony cheerleader skirt and pom-poms.

Rosenberg was offended by locals who do not properly genuflect to Melo. Malusis told him Anthony is not a “great” player.

Things got heated. Sid took it to an extreme. Moose used his antlers. Sid was gored.

* * *


Say what you want about being burned out by the All-Star Game overload of hyped sponsored activities, like Home Run Derby and celebrities hooking up with the event, there is still more attached to the game. And we’re not talking World Series homefield advantage. MLB and the Minnesota Twins, the event’s host, have arranged for multiple charity initiatives to be tied to the game Tuesday that will raise a record $8 million throughout the region. Very nice.


For filing a $10 million defamation lawsuit against ESPN, and “Sunday Night Baseball” broadcasters Dan Shulman/John Kruk, contending they mocked him while he slept during an April 13 Red Sox-Yankees game. Forget that the words the lawsuit attributes to the voices never came out of their mouths. It appears Rector has also not watched many baseball games. Directors have a long and rich history of providing face time to fans in “compromising” positions. Sleeping? What about shots of nose-pickers? Or rather large people inhaling multiple hot dogs? Mom, apple pie, and making sure fans are embarrassed on TV — it’s a baseball broadcasting tradition.


What Brian Cashman said: “If the pain doesn’t subside or it comes back like he (Masahiro Tanaka) is currently experiencing right now then I think the rehab and recommendation factors would change.”

What Brian Cashman meant to say: “Seven years … $155 million … 11-1, 1.99 ERA … Tommy John surgery. What about my pain?”

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