• Novak Djokovic takes on Stan Wawrinka in the French Open final
  • World no 1 Djokovic is looking to win his first title at Roland Garros 
  • Swiss Wawrinka is aiming to win his second Grand Slam
  • Follow all the action live as the drama unfolds in Paris

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Djokovic will be the happier of the two players to see a dip in the pace here. Of course, he had to come through five sets against Murray that only finished yesterday.

Wawrinka hits a heck of a forehand past Djokovic, who responds with a crushing cross-court back hand. But Wawrinka returns the favour and now has two break points. Great chance to get back into this set for the Swiss.

Great defence by Stan to hold off Djokovic during an intense rally and the Serb fires into the net. Wawrinka is back in this set. Incredible stuff here.

Djokovic just seems to have quelled the momentum in this fourth set, the intensity has just crept out the match a little bit.

Wawrinka holds his serve and is on the board in the fourth.

MIKE DICKSON: We didn’t think Djokovic would go quietly did we? Wawrinka glaring up at the Djokovic bench in that corner, where people are getting quite animated, even Boris Becker. As the Serb is something of a five set specialist the Swiss has to try and get back into this set.

A huge break for Djokovic early on here. He needed that!

An awful drop shot by the Serb is punished by Wawrinka, who takes a 15-30 lead, but Djokovic levels in the game rather than faces break points… yet.

Oh wow, what a shot. Djokovic screeches a forehand down the line and Stan is nowhere to be seen. Djokovic holds to open up a three-game lead in the fourth.

Great defence by Novak as he guesses the right way and Wawrinka misses the forehand volley wide.

Great pick up from Djokovic and Wawrinka again misses at the net. Break point for Djokovic.

And he gets it. Wawrinka fires into the net. An early break for the world No 1 in the fourth. Are we going to five?

Only a fool would write off Novak Djokovic, but Wawrinka is playing out of his skin here.

Here we go for the fourth set. Wawrinka goes after the second serve with that powerful forehand again and it’s past Novak in a second, but the Swiss then sends one wide.

Djokovic shapes to go across the court but sends a winner down the line and the Serb holds the first game of the fourth set.

Wawrinka serving to take this third set. He races into a 30-0 lead as Djokovic fires into the net. Stan sends Novak wide and runs into the net to plant a volley into the opposite side of the court.

Three set points. Djokovic goes long and he will need five sets again if he is to claim this illusive French Open title today.

Wawrinka moves to within one game of the third set. Djokovic goes for a rare serve and volley but can’t get down to it.

WOW! An absurd Wawrinka backhand from wide almost comes around the net rather than over. Quite brilliant by the Swiss.

Like a true champion, Djokovic pulls it back and holds.

Djokovic in trouble in this third set now. All the momentum is with Wawrinka. But the Swiss goes long on the baseline as Novak recovers from 30-0 down to tie the game. 

‘C’mon’ is the cry from Wawrinka as he forces Djokovic to fire one high into the air, but then a double fault, his third of the match, draws Djokovic level at deuce.

Long again from Wawrinka and it’s break point for Djokovic. He hasn’t had one of those in a while. Can he break back instantly?

He can’t, not yet anyway. A big serve gets him out of trouble. Another big serve doesn’t come back and Wawrinka holds.

MIKE DICKSON: What a break from Wawrinka and an absolutely crucial hold thereafter. Interesting footage going around on social media about the racket smash from Djokovic, and how only his towel seems to stop the implement rebounding off the clay and hitting the ballboy. If it had firm contact with the ballboy, especially in the face, that would surely have been a default, although it is all supposition.

Wawrinka just seems to have a little problem with his finger, a blister possibly. Wawrinka wins a 24-shot rally before landing a quite magnificent forehand down the line.

He follows it up with a ridiculous backhand down the line to set up three break points. Djokovic inexplicably plays the drop shot and Wawrinka was on to it in a flash and he breaks the Serb.

Ace straight up for Wawrinka, his eighth of the match so far. It’s followed up with a ruthless serve and forehand combination.

Perfect serve and volley by Wawrinka as he wins the game to love in no time at all. He is really in the ascendancy at the moment. 

Two hours played now and it has been a battling contest. Djokovic tries the drop shot but it falls short and is into the net.

A wayward forehand by Novak allows Wawrinka back into the game. The Serb just struggling to build any momentum on his service games.

A rare moment here as Djokovic wins a service game without facing a break point.

MIKE DICKSON: Though this crowd would be more behind the francophone Wawrinka but they seem quite even handed. Stan getting regulAr chances against serve now but just can’t take his opportunities.

Novak Djokovic lobs Wawrinka as he comes to the net but it drops agonizingly long for the Serb. Wawrinka moves into a 40-15 lead and thunders a first serve down that Novak can’t get back.

Novak’s broken racket

Wawrinka has two break points as Djokovic sends one long. He looks rattled does Novak.

Brilliant response by the world No 1 as he works Wawrinka to each corner before racing into the net to drop a subtle shot just the other side of the net.

And Djokovic saves the other break point after another stunning rally. But it’s a third break point of the game for Stan, on the second serve too. Saved again by Djokovic, who eventually holds. A missed chance for Wawrinka.

Well, well, well. We have a match on our hands now. It is, however, the end for Novak’s racket as he smashes it on the ground.

Maybe that will get all the obvious tension out of Djokovic. He hits a delicious backhand that kisses the line.

Wawrinka moves to within a point of the game with a thunderous ace and wraps it up to hold the first game of this crucial third set.

Wawrinka hits a fabulous passing shot down the line with a crisp backhand and follows it up with a scorching forehand as he pulls it back to 30-30.

And it is a set point for the Swiss after a loose backhand by Djokovic. Nervous tennis from the world No 1.

And we are all level! Stan finally has the break and what a time to get it as he takes the second set. Deservedly so, it has to be said.

Philippe Chatrier looking resplendent in the Paris sun

I hope he isn’t losing his cool after four missed break points in this set. It has been fiercely contested.

Good response from Wawrinka as he puts the disappointment of the last game behind to win this one with comfort. 

MIKE DICKSON: Wawrinka pushing and pushing against the door here but Djokovic keeps shutting him out. This could get interesting if Stan can just force a set. Even for Djokovic the Nadal and Murray encounters are sure to take some toll.

Novak Djokovic misses a forehand wide before another one is called out on the opposite side. The Serb wants an inspection. The umpire sticks with the original call. 

Dokovic is made to work for his serve again as Wawrinka has him at 30-30 and now deuce as another tight call goes in favour of the Swiss.

And it’s ANOTHER break point. Three Djokovic service games in a row now. Another unforced error by Stan sees it slip away again and Djokovic holds again… just about. Stan let’s his frustration show as he smashes the top of the net with his racket.


Wawrinka induces a shrug of the shoulders from Djokovic as he crashes a rasping forehand past the Serb, who responds with one of his.

And Wawrinka throws away a 40-0 lead as Novak pulls it back to deuce but he fires into the net to hand initiative to Stan.

He holds again.

Wawrinka holding his own in the second set

Such power again by Wawrinka as he smashes a forehand down the line, but Djokovic follows it up with a first serve to the body that Stan can’t adjust quickly enough to.

Novak on the losing end of a rally, looked like he was expecting an out call midway through it. It never came.

Break point again for Wawrinka. He has to take one of these chances that are coming his way. Novak saves it. Nothing Stan could do about that in all honesty.

Wawrinka’s next return goes long and Djokovic holds with some fantastic defence as Wawrinka misses an overhead.

Judy Murray a fan of Wawrinka’s attire today.


Djokovic is being made to work much harder on his service now, but you can’t imagine Wawrinka will get away with too many more missed break points.

Stan races into a 30-0 lead and goes on to hold well again. He has been in control of this second set, but has nothing to show for it yet.

Wawrinka has a quiet word with the umpire

Wawrinka is on to a backhand drop shot in a flash and hits a winner right to the corner. But Djokovic applies a deft touch at the net to beat the Swiss.

Stan pegs Novak back at 30-30 with a crushing forehand winner. And Djokovic faces break point but he saves it as Wawrinka hits too long.

Another break point for Warinka after a thrilling rally – his third of the match. Second serve coming. He needs this now, Stan. But he goes long again. Wawrinka has so much power, but great defence by Djokovic as Stan again beats the baseline. Another difficult hold, but Novak comes through.

Better from Wawrinka as he makes the first serve twice to race into a 30-0 lead and Djokovic sends a disguised forehand too long as Stan holds to love himself. He needed that having struggled to hold in his previous three service games.

It’s a struggle for Wawrinka at the moment

Wawrinka battled hard to save that first set, but Djokovic showed great strength to pull through. He was well on top for most of the set but Wawrinka earned a break point at the end the set there. He will at least take comfort from that.

Wawrinka kicks off the second set. Djokovic does well to get down on his backhand and as Stan rushed into the net couldn’t get it back over the net on the half volley. A fine forehand by the Swiss produces no answer from Djokovic.

Wawrinka facing break point in this first game of the second. Responds with a wide ace to take it to deuce. Warinka comes through another tough service examination to hold.

MIKE DICKSON: As I’ve pointed out before this week, Djokovic does have wobbles but when they come they tend to last only for a couple of points, as seen when he tried to serve the set out. Other players can go Awol for a game or two. His roar to his box told you how important that set was – Djokovic is the best front runner in the business.

So, Djokovic serving for the first set. Warinka hasn’t done an awful lot wrong but Novak is just on another level at the moment.

Djokovic goes long with a slice lob after Wawrinka has him scampering across the court. Fantastic shot by Wawrinka appears to clip the line, or does it. Djokovic contests it and the umpire agrees.

Two set points for the Serb. Wawrinka saves one after returning an easy put away for Novak down the line.

And Stan takes it to deuce with a brilliant shot to the body of Djokovic that he can’t get back at the net. The Serb fires into the net to give Waarinka his first break point but Djokovic comes up with a big serve. Deuce again. Brilliant wide serve again from Djokovic and it’s a third set point.

No mistakes this time. First set to Novak.

A Wawrinka forehand is called out but he wants it checked by the umpire. No need though as Djokovic kindly tells the umpire it was indeed in.

Wawrinka holds with an incredible cross-court forehand.

MIKE DICKSON: Saw in that seventh game that if you don’t get enough first serves in Djokovic’s return game is all over you. Wawrinka going to have run incredibly hard to make this competitive. Andy Murray may go down as the only person to take a set off him here.  

Another breathless rally ends with Wawrinka flashing a backhand into the net. Novak coming out on top in these duels just now.

This time the Swiss hits one beyond the baseline before only managing to loop a return back to Djokovic, who holds with an ace.

Wawrinka is having to work much harder at the moment to hold his service game. Not the best start again to the seventh game as he a cross-court backhand wide before going long to leave himself 30-0 down again on his service. He got away with it in the first two games. Will he again?

Three break points for Novak and Wawrinka doesn’t even make him work for it. Double fault by the Swiss and Djokovic has the break.

That 39-shot rally in the very first game of this final was actually the longest of the tournament so far.

A beautiful subtle drop shot by Djokovic has Wawrinka scrambling towards the net, but he can’t get there.

A good return off the first serve takes Djokovic by surprise but holds with relative comfort again. 

This time it’s Djokovic that takes advantage of the second serve to move 30-0 ahead. Good defence by Novak as he races from side to side but can’t get back a powerful back hand down the line. He really is hitting the ball hard, but no one can get around the court quite like Djokovic.

The world No 1 forces Wawrinka into an error and has another break point. Great defence by Novak but he is eventually beaten by Wawrinka’s forehand. Break point saved again by the Swiss, who fires into the net to take the score back to deuce.

He  has had to work hard to hold again, but Wawrinka just about comes through it.

Wawrinka standing way back behind the baseline on Djokovic’s second serve giving himslef more time to rip that return back. The Serb struggles to cope with that and falls 30-0 behind.

A good chance for Stan as he powers a forehand down the line, but it’s long. Novak then levels the game at 30-30 and snuffs out the chance of break points.

Djokovic holds again.

It looks incredibly hot out there. Wawrinka puffing out his cheeks after winning another lengthy rally before moving 30-0 ahead.

The underdog fires down his first and second ace of the match to take the game to love. that’ll do him the world of good.

Here comes Novak’s first service game. Unforced error by the Serb as he hits a tame return wide off the forehand but takes initiative of the game  with a beautiful drop shot and a powerful ace. But the world No 1 gives Wawrinka a chance as he fires into the net.

But Wawrinka can’t return a serve down the middle and Novak holds to 30.

Nice start by Warinka. The first serve is in and he sends a powerful forehand that Djokovic can only prod back before the Swiss hits a fantastic forehand winner down the line.

But Djokovic levels the game at 30-30 Wawrinka sends one wide but follows it up with an ace. Djokovic wants the umpire to check but he calls it good.

Djokovic takes it to deuce and Wawrinka wins a 39-shot rally after saving a break point and the Swiss wins the game with a screeching forehand. Stan had to work hard for that.

MIKE DICKSON: There are a lot of Serbians gathered at Roland Garros to give their support to Djokiovic, some inside Philippe Chatrier and others just inside the grounds.

I actually think that Wawrinka, while clearly not as good a player as Djokovic, has the kind of game which on a good day could do some damage to his opponent.

He hits the ball so heavily off the ground, even harder than Andy Murray, that his shots could defeat even the incredible movement of the Serb.

But Wawrinka is going to have to be red hot like he was in Melbourne eighteen months ago, which was his notable success in their series. But I still expect Djokovic to win.

Stan Warinka is first out on to Court Philippe Chatrier, closely followed by the favourite Novak Djokovic. Crowd clearly backing the Serb to make history today.

Novak calls heads on the toss and he loses and Wawrinka will serve first. He we go!

One man that won’t be supporting his compatriot today is the great Roger Federer. Not only because Wawrinka beat him in straight sets in the last eight of the tournament, but the former world No 1 is back in his native land to watch the Swiss Cup final.

For those that are interested Basel are being beaten 1-0 by Sion at half time. If you’re not particularly concerned, apologies, but there isn’t much I can do about it now.

Roger Federer attends the Swiss Cup final

We were treated to a thrilling women’s final yesterday as Serena Williams was taken to three sets by Lucie Safarova before clinching her 20th career Grand Slam title.

Let’s hope it is more of the same today. As I mentioned Djokovic is looking to add the final Slam to collection having never been a winner at Roland Garros.

For so many years Rafa Nadal has dominated at the French Open, but Djokovic dispatched him in three comfortable sets in the quarter-final. The Serb has not hidden how desperate he is to add the French title to his collection so it will interesting to see how he deals with the pressure if and when it is in his grasp.

On the practice area adjacent to Court Philippe Chatrier, the man presumed to be Novak Djokovic’s next victim was working out. His shirt contained a playful message: ‘Stan The Man’ it read.

Yet Stanislav Wawrinka is not The Man. We all know who The Man is in tennis right now. Andy Murray knows it more than anybody. He took The Man to an unlikely fifth set, and still came away well beaten. 

It was 6-0 in the final set of the Australian Open final when the pair met in January, and 6-1 in the final set here. And no disgrace, either, despite the hurt.


Novak Djokovic admits his five-set victory over Andy Murray was ‘exhausting’ but insists fatigue will not hinder his chances in the French Open final on Sunday.

Djokovic faces Switzerland’s Stan Wawrinka in the Paris showpiece as he bids to claim a maiden title at Roland Garros and complete a career grand slam.

The Serb is the overwhelming favourite to win the match but Wawrinka holds the advantage of an extra day’s rest after Djokovic’s battle with Murray was suspended for bad light on Friday and had to be finished on Saturday.


Good afternoon, and a very warm welcome to Sportsmail’s live coverage of the French Open final between Novak Djokovic and Stan Wawrinka.

We could witness sporting history at a beautifully sunny Roland Garros today folks. Djokovic can become just the eighth men’s player to win a career Grand Slam – the French Open is of course the only one missing.

So stay tuned to follow all the drama as it unfolds.



Novak Djokovic is aiming to become the eighth men’s player to win all four Grand Slams as he looks to complete the set with victory in the French Open final against Stan Wawrinka at Roland Garros.

The Serb will step out on to Court Philippe Chatrier on Sunday afternoon the day after earning a thrilling five-set victory against And Murray that ran over to Saturday after play was suspended the night before due to a storm.

Time will tell how much of an effect that will have on Djokovic and Wawrinka, who defeated home favourite Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in his semi-final, will be ready to take advantage of any tiredness.

Follow all the action as it happens with game-by-game coverage by Nicholas Godden and regular updates from Sportsmail’s man in Paris Mike Dickson.

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