Max Verstappen Wins Miami Grand Prix in Red Bull Runaway

Verstappen’s victory, a satisfying one after a rare slip in qualifying left him far back on the starting grid, will carry beyond Sunday, as it allowed him to extend his lead over Pérez in the season points race. That edge, which had shrunk to 6 points, is now a more comfortable 14.

But the victory also re-established Verstappen as the best driver on Formula 1’s best team, and the betting favorite to win the next time out, and the time after that, and the time after that.

“I made it hard on myself,” Verstappen had said before the race, alluding to a rare error in qualifying that led to his starting ninth on the 20-driver grid. “But we’re going to have a good day.”

He was right. But for Red Bull, they are all good days this year.

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