It’s time for a new world of sports.

The first live broadcast of 120 Sports is scheduled for 6 p.m. ET tonight, and it is, by all accounts, a game-changer. The first-of-its-kind partnership involving multiple leagues and content properties, including, is a revolutionary live-streaming network created for the digital generation and the devices it uses most.

Picture a world of two-minute segments (hence the name) and ever-changing topical data cards, a world integrated with social media and a constant conversation that powers through everything in sports that fans are talking about everywhere. Imagine a fast-paced look at LeBron James’ future and Mike Trout highlights and World Cup analysis and NHL mock drafts and Wimbledon previews and Bob Stoops’ contract at Oklahoma and Tiger Woods back in action and NASCAR’s Kentucky Speedway and college basketball recruiting and …

There is no end, there is never an end. The videocentric show goes on, and 120 Sports will learn what you want the more you watch it. You are about to have access to unauthenticated video programming through a new platform built to intuitively integrate video and data in ways you haven’t experienced. It features original and hosted programming that delivers timely, interactive narratives of the stories around sports, including game footage, analysis, conversation and social commentary from players, newsmakers and yourself.

How to get there: 120 Sports will be available for free in the Apple App Store on Wednesday, and it is coming to Google Play on July 14.

“120 Sports has been years in the making, and as digital media consumption continues to grow, the time is right to launch a network that provides sports fans with a new way to consume their sports news and entertainment,” 120 Sports president Jason Coyle said. “120 Sports will keep fans up to date on all sports as they happen, when and where they want it and at the pace they desire.”

In addition to, those content partners also include Time Inc. (owner of Sports Illustrated), the NHL, the PGA Tour, NBA, NASCAR and leading collegiate conferences via Campus Insiders, a joint venture between IMG College and Chicago-based digital sports-media company Silver Chalice.

The 120 Sports offering will originate through a state-of-the-art video and data product designed and optimized across all interactive media platforms, including: mobile, tablet and web. Created and powered by Major League Baseball Advanced Media’s technology infrastructure and mobile app development, the product also will be available as a Web experience at and other distribution outlets.

You’ll be watching discussion of one topic and then see breaking news reported, reacting to social media and providing instant analysis. You’ll be caught up on everything with regular “Up to Speed” clips, sport by sport. How is this different? How about being able to click the Trending icon on the main navigation and dive into any specific topic, with the ability to then “follow” that topic and have subsequent related content pushed to you.

A growing team of diverse, digitally driven hosts, co-hosts, update reporters and analysts will be the face and voice of 120 Sports. The line-up includes former ESPN host Michael Kim, two-time Super Bowl champion Bryant McFadden, former Pro Bowl fullback Ovie Mughelli, former NBA All-Star Antoine Walker and former MLB All-Star pitcher Danny Graves. Additional talent from partners such as Sports Illustrated will contribute to 120 Sports programming. The complete roster of 120 Sports talent can be found at