Here’s how you can try out for Sports Jeopardy – Awful Announcing

Every sports nerd’s dream is to compete on a sports trivia game show.  And thankfully, Sports Jeopardy is here to fill the void that has been a gaping chasm in our lives ever since the final days of Stump the Schwab.

The new Sports Jeopardy show is interesting because it features a unique combo of new media and an established star presence.  The show will be on Crackle, the same outlet that hosts Jerry Seinfeld’s comedian coffee cab thing, and will be hosted by Dan Patrick.

Now more information is coming out about the show and how you (yes, you!) can appear as a contestant.  Auditions are taking place this month around the country.  The following details were released today by Crackle:

Listen up barstool quarterbacks and armchair point guards: Sports Jeopardy! hosted by Dan Patrick is coming exclusively to Crackle this October, and we’re recruiting sports junkies like you to compete as in-studio contestants.

That’s right, the people behind America’s Favorite Quiz show® Jeopardy! have created a new weekly quiz show dedicated to all things sport.

Auditions include a qualifying test of 30 clues in 30 sports-related categories. Pass the initial test and enter a second round of mock game play and a short interview. Our tentative schedule of audition cities and dates:

Los Angeles – June 7 and 8 (with later dates TBA)

Las Vegas – June 21 and 22

Dallas – June 28 and 29

Chicago – July 12 and 13

New York – July 19 and 20

Sign up here where you’ll find info about the audition process, production schedule and some sample clues testing your Sports Jeopardy! flexors.

Qualified contestants must meet all eligibility requirements to appear on the show.

Invitations will start going out next week, so sign up ASAP.

In addition to the announcement and the invitation to sign up for the real thing, there’s even a Sports Jeopardy mobile game you can play to test your knowledge.  Instead of finishing this post and making good use of my time, I think I’ll go spend the rest of the afternoon on my iPad…

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