• Jimmy Anderson takes his 400th Test wicket as England make early gains
  • Last wicket to fall: Kane Williamson 0 c Jos Buttler b Jimmy Anderson
  • England took a 1-0 lead after a thrilling victory in the first Test at Lord’s 
  • The second Test sees the teams move North to Headingley, Yorkshire 
  • Heavy showers put pay to play before lunch with the toss set for 1pm
  • England won the toss and elected to bowl first when play started at 1:30pm

Nicholas Godden for MailOnline

England secured a thrilling victory in the first Investec Test against New Zealand at Lord’s earlier this week.

The hosts will be desperate to complete a series win as they head north to Headingley, Yorkshire for the second and final match against the Kiwis ahead of the Ashes this summer.

But heavy rain in Leeds delayed the start to the first day with play finally getting under way at 1:30pm, before further rain interruptions an hour later.

It served as a huge blow to England who would have been keen to get cracking this morning, brimming with confidence after their heroics at Lord’s on Monday.

England gave themselves the perfect morale-boosting start to the summer’s cricket after earning a 124-run victory, a win that for much of the Test looked improbable at best.

Alastair Cook’s men were toiling on 30 for four on the opening day before conceding a 134-run deficit after the first innings.

England were again in trouble at the start of the second as Adam Lyth and Gary Ballance fell cheaply to leave the hosts 25-2.

But Cook delivered a captain’s performance and scored 162, his 27th Test century. And Ben Stokes announced himself to the Test scene with the fastest Test century ever scored at Lord’s – coming off just 85 balls.

England’s bowlers finished the job on the final day to bowl the tourists out for just 220 to secure a famous win with less than 10 overs left in the day.

Join NICHOLAS GODDEN for over-by-over coverage, with updates from our cricket correspondent PAUL NEWMAN, to see if England can set themselves up for victory on this first day of the second Test.

  • Nick Godden

    Host commentator

Jimmy Anderson comes in again. He delivers a beauty that pitches on off stump and moves away from Tom Latham. He hangs the bat but does well not to follow it as it misses the outside edge. Lovely stuff.

Moeen Ali will continue. He needs to up his game her does the Warwickshire all rounder.

Luke Ronchi gets to the the pitch and knocks Moeen straight back over his head for six. Lovely shot.

Appeal for LBW. Umpire’s decision in not out but an excited Alastair Cook reviews. It was the correct decision as Latham got a thick outside edge on the pad. Wasted review for England.

Hotspot shows an inside edge

Here comes Jimmy again. Latahm, who has batted really well today for his 70 not out happy to leave it as Anderson lands it on the money. Maiden over.

Moeen Ali continues for England. Luke Ronchi pulls a short one through the leg side but there is plenty of protection out in the deep.

There’s no one protecting the boundary directly behind Jos Buttler though and Moeen sends one way down the leg side and it runs away for four byes. 

Another four for Ronchi brings up the 50 partnership. Not a good over for Moeen at all. Short and wide down both sides of the wicket.

Anderson continues to Ronchi, who is scoring at more than a run a ball on his debut.

Just two slips and a gully in place for England and Ronchi edges straight between them for four. Anderson protecting the boundary on the off side when really he could do with an extra catcher in there because Ronchi looks vulnerable.

And we will have a short drinks break to help us through this long evening session.


Gary Ballance getting padded up and that is a sign that Moeen Ali will come into the attack for the first time today. 

He bowled pretty inconsistency at Lord’s did the off spinner, let’s see what he’s got today.

Tom Latham didn’t look particularly comfortable against Moeen, who serves up a maiden over. 

Jimmy Anderson continues. Another good over by England’s leading wicket taker as Ronchi gets a single. 

Wood celebrates the wicket of Watling

Almost a chance! Luke Ronchi punches Ben Stokes back past him and it’s airborne but the Durham bowler just can’t stretch far enough to get a hand to it and it races away to the boundary.

A full and wide delivery by Stokes is crashed through the covers by Ronchi, who has raced on to 22 not out.

Another full ball is given the treatment it deserves as Ronchi again finds the cover boundary. Expensive over from Stokes.

And Mark Wood has done his job in his latest spell. He was expensive but took the wicket of BJ Watling and he is replaced by Jimmy Anderson.

It’s a good change by Alastair Cook. Anderson has got Luke Ronchi out three times in one-day cricket.

It’s another boundary for Tom Latham as he punches Anderson back down the ground and moves on to 67.

Ben Stokes continues for England. He is into his ninth over now and has 1-17. He’s bowled well again today has Stokes.

Ooh… spoke a little too soon. Tom Latham gives the treatment a full toss deserves as he drives it between midwicket and mid on for four.

A little bit of a change from Stokes as he come round the wicket to the left-hander. Close. he almost gets an instant reward as he gets it to move away past the outside edge.

Mark Wood continues and he is building up a head of steam now. Four slips and a gull in for Luke Ronchi. One creeps through and the England players appeal. There was a noise but it’s bat on pad, but it’s well bowled.

Ronchi goes on the attack and pulls a short ball past mid on for four. He just seemed to get on to it a bit quickly.

It’s Ben Stokes again. Tom Latham works a single through the leg side and Stokes will have a go at Ronchi who takes the strike.

Ronchi gets a single and brings up the 150 for New Zealand.

McCullum walks before Wood even takes the catch

Well, he hasn’t bowled well today but Alastair Cook has been rewarded for keeping faith with Mark Wood.

In comes Luke Ronchi to make his debut with New Zealand in all kinds of trouble. And he’s almost gone for a golden duck. A bit of extra bounce and it takes the top edge but loops over the slip corden and races for four.

Mark Wood continues, though if he has another over like the last I wouldn’t expect to see him for another.

He gets Tom Latham on to the drive and it whistles past the edge. that’s a better line and length from the Durham seamer.

What a delivery by Wood! Nips away from Watling and clips the top of off stump. It was the stuff seam bowlers dream of. New Zealand in trouble.

It’s Ben Stokes to continue at the other end. Latham takes a quick single. Good running.

I’s a good over from Stokes, asking BJ Watling one or two questions with a couple of full balls swinging into the right hander.


Mark Wood is struggling a little bit here. He hasn’t found his rhythm at all today. BJ Watling thrashes a wide one through the off side for four.

It’s short and wide again from the Durham man and Watling again gives it the treatment it deserves. But Wood follows it up with a beauty but it moves too far away and misses the edge.

Another ball kicks up off the pitch and there is a noise as Watling brushes his pad with the bad. There is almost an appeal but absolutely nothing doing.

Wood finishes the over with another poor delivery, this time down he leg side and Watling flashes it fine for four more. 12 off the over.

Tom Latham with a couple of good leaves just outside off but has a swing at a very wide one but it evades the edge.

Stokes is congratulated by his team-mates after dismissing the dangerous McCullum

And Alastair Cook plumps for a Durham double as Mark Wood, fresh from taking the catch to dismiss McCullum.

Tom Latham whips one off his legs but, despite travelling towards the boundary, Moeen Ali cuts it off. Wood’s line just a bit off this over as Watling gets off the mark with a single through the leg side.

Fine shot by Latham, who punches crisply back past Wood off the front foot as it races away to the boundary past mid on.

Brendon McCullum was disgusted with himself and as well he might be. It was horribly mistimed. That will certainly see the run rate dip slightly.

In comes BJ Watling, who is in the side as a specialist batsman because a knee injury is stopping from keeping wicket at the moment.

Welcome back, the players are back out after a short tea break as we head into the evening session.

And just as he did at Lord’s on Monday Ben Stokes has taken the wicket of Brendon McCullum, who just chips it to Mark Wood at mid off. A terrible shot and that hands initiative back to England.

It’s Mark Wood again. I wonder if we’ll be seeing the Durham bowler’s imaginary horse at any stage today.

Brendon McCullum gets a fine top edge as he hooks a short ball by Wood. It only just loops over Jos Buttler before running away for four.

Wood bangs in another short one, which McCullum leaves alone. He can’t get out the way of another ball back of a length though as it strikes on the forearm.

And that will be the last action of the session as the players depart for tea. Go grab yourself a drink and join me again for the evening’s cricket – hopefully uninterrupted.

Here comes Ben Stokes again. England could do with him taking the wicket of McCullum here as he did in the second innings s at Lord’s.

Instead McCullum hooks a bouncer for four – Moeen Ali with no chance of cutting that out down by fine leg. The New Zealand captain follows it up with a single and Stokes will be glad to see him off strike.

Five runs off the over.

Tom Latham acknowledges the applause after reaching his 50

Mark Wood comes back into the attack and a long tactical chat with Alastair Cook ensues.

Brendon MCCullum drives him straight back down the wicket, quite literally as he hits the stumps at the other end to save a certain boundary.

The New Zealand skipper drives again but it is well stopped at mid off but they sneak a single in. McCullum moves to 31 off 18 deliveries.

Latham squeezes one off the bottom of the bat and it bounces down into the ground and loops to Alastair Cook at slip. A few in the ground think he’s out.

Whoops! Ben Stokes’ looping full toss is given the Brendon McCullum cover drive treatment as he crashes it for another boundary.

Stoke finds Latham’s edge high on the bat and it loops agonizingly over the outstretched hand of Joe Root at gully, who got fingers to it. So close.

PAUL NEWMAN: Three wickets for England, New Zealand going at five an over, and what do these knowledgeable Yorkshire cricket supporters respond with? A Mexican wave! isn’t that meant to be when people are bored? Surely they’re not bored? Especially after waiting so long for the Test to start today? I know this place has got so much rich history – but it’s definitely my least favourite English ground.

A thick outside edge by Brendon McCullum races away for four and brings the 100 up for New Zealand in double quick time. It wasn’t what the skipper intended but he won’t care too much.

McCullum playing the only way he knows how and as long as he is at the crease the run rate will continue to tick over.

Broad celebrates the wicket of Ross Taylor

Ben Stokes continues and draws Latham into a loose shot, well away from his body but it misses the outside edge.

Latham makes his half century with a single. His fifty coming off just 72 deliveries and it’s been an important innings by the opener having witnessed from the opposite end the two early wickets fall.

Good running by New Zealand as they make a quick single and there are four overthrows to boot as Buttler attempts a run out at the bowlers end before Stuart Broad had the chance to get back to the stumps.

Another four for McCullum who clips a misdirected delivery from Broad through deep midwicket and it races away from the man in the deep. McCullum moves on to 13 from just seven balls.

Four more! McCullum drives through the covers off a half volley. Well controlled shot.

Run rate is five an over.

Bowling change as Lord’s hero Ben Stokes comes into the attack. He took three important wickets, including Brendan McCullum, last Monday to help England win that first Test.

A maiden to start with from Stokes.

Outrageous shot by Brendan McCullum, who smashes Stuart Broad for six over the covers off his first delivery of the innings. As Hussain said ‘he won’t block many’. It was quite wide outside off stump but even so.

10 off the over.

PAUL NEWMAN: That was ridiculous from Brendon McCullum. Whatever happened to playing yourself in? Or having a little look at the bowling when you have lost three early wickets? What does the New Zealand captain do? Cover drive his first ball for six! Quite extraordinary. This game of Test cricket is changing by the day! How do England react to this? Alastair Cook has to keep on attacking.

That Partnership was looking promising for New Zealand after their disastrous start. in comes the skipper Brendon McCullum.

Mark Wood slides down Latham’s leg side. He swings and there is a noise. England are excited but there is a shake of the head by the umpire. No review and it’s a good decision not to as hotspot shows it clipped the pad.

Latham punishes a short and wide delivery as he waits and cuts it for four.

PAUL NEWMAN: What was Ross Taylor thinking of there. What a ball to leave. As soon as Stuart Broad pitched it up Taylor was in trouble there. England may have taken three wickets but actually they haven’t bowled that well at all so far today. When they have put it in the right place, though, it’s trouble for New Zealand. Now here’s Brendon mcCullum. How will he react to this ‘crisis’? How do you think! As Nasser Hussain just said on Sky, ‘he doesn’t block many’.

Hotspot shows there was a nick off the thigh pad

Stuart Broad replaces Jimmy Anderson, who hadn’t found his rhythm since that earlier rain delay. Broad bowled three overs in his opening spell and straight away he has been crashed through the off side for four. Short and wide from Broad.

That’s better. Broad has Ross Taylor tempted into one just outside off that nips away but Taylor does well to withdraw his bat at the last moment.

And Broad takes the wicket of Taylor. The Kiwi leaves a delivery that pitches out side off stump but it nips back in and hit him dead in front.

Broad doesn’t even need to look at the umpire. He knows.

New Zealand are motoring here. Latham has 38 from 47 and Tayor has 1 from 21. Mark Wood again. Latham fails to get a short and wide ball away. He got the timing of the cut shot all wrong there.

A welcome maiden over there for England.

PAUL NEWMAN: This is typical of the modern new Zealand. They lose two early wickets so what do they do? Go on the attack. And go at five an over! England haven’t bowled that well since the last resumption but a lot of that is New Zealand getting after them. They have forced the bowlers into lengths that they don’t want to bowl. England still have a tendency to bowl a fraction too short.


Jimmy Anderson continues for England. It’s wide and short and only a fantastic bit of fielding at backward point by Ben Stokes saves four.

A beautiful straight bat from Ross Taylor as he drives Anderson down the ground past mid off. Taylor then gets a thick outside edge. It’s airborne and would have been a simple catch if there was a gully in place. Instead it’s four.

A few cheers from the crowd as Rod Tucker loses his hat in the wind. Cheers turn to groans as one misses the outside edge by a whisker. A shake of the head by Taylor.

Mark Wood offers up a short and wide delivery and Latham laps it up as he cuts for another boundary before the fuller ball has Latham driving and it races to the boundary, but he wasn’t in control. The 50 is up for the tourists.

The rain is falling again and the groundsman is poised and ready. Just a light shower at the moment, no great concern.

Four slips and a gully in place for Latham but Wood, who had found his line and length this over, bowls too straight and it’s worked through midwicket for three.

Ross Taylor rocks back and punishes a short and wide delivery by Jimmy Anderson as he cuts him for four backward of point.

Anderson is spot on with the next delivery, which is full and straight and swings away from Taylor’s outside edge.

Anderson then finds a thick outside edge but it cannons into Taylor’s pads and lands safe before the New Zealand No 4 twice works it through the leg side for runs.

Mark Wood continues and the first delivery brushes the thigh pad of Tom Latham and runs away for four leg byes.

Wood bounces in again off his short run up and it pops up off the surface and away from Latham, who does well to get his bat out the way as it whistles through to Jos Buttler behind the stumps.

You have to wonder what all these interruptions do for a batsman’s concentration, but Latham holding firm there.

The players are back out and ready to play and Jimmy Anderson will complete his fifth over. Four more deliveries to come.

A muted LBW appeal as Anderson traps Ross Taylor on his crease. But it is way to high as it raps him on the thigh pad. Well outside the line anyway.

Anderson is congratulated by his team-mates after taking his 400th wicket

As Jimmy Anderson moves past 400 Test wickets, take a look back at some of his best moments along the way.

The rain does  seem to have stopped and the sun is out at the moment but there is a dark grey cloud that looks to be heading over the ground. The big covers come on in anticipation of a downpour.

The players are back in the pavilion. Hopefully they will be back out soon. More as and when I know.

Here’s what the umpires are worried about

Umpire S Ravi is building a decent reputation in the game and could well be promoted to the elite panel soon but that was a poor decision to give Tom Latham caught behind and good use of the Decision Review System by New Zealand to earn hims reprieve.

It seemed that Ravi was at the centre of all the reviewed decisions at Lord’s too and is clearly not the finished umpiring article just yet. It’s just with so many of the best umpires coming from England and Australia the elite panel are trying to encourage as many as possible from other countries.

And New Zealand’s Billy Bowden is certainly not the answer so India’s Ravi will get every chance to impress.

The umbrellas are going up around the ground but they will stay on for now as Jimmy Anderson continues.

Forget that. Umpires change their mind and the players are heading off to boos from the crowd. The boos turn to cheers as the umpires have another change of heart as the they wave the players back.

Anderson will bowl. Ross Taylor gets off the mark with two through the leg side.

The rain picks up again and this time the players do leave the field as another shower passes through. The covers are on and the players are off.

Bowling change for England as Mark Wood, who made his debut at Lord’s, comes into the attack to replace Stuart Broad.

First delivery is short and Latham rocks back and cuts him for four. He is doing all the scoring for the Kiwis right now. Ross Taylor, who I have hardly mentioned has been at the crease for almost 30 minutes and has faced just three deliveries.

Just that boundary off the over as the rain comes down again. Umpires having a quick chat.

A change of tack for Jimmy Anderson as he comes round the wicket to left-hander Tom Latham.

Anderson looking to angle it in to Latham before getting it to move away. A more cautious approach from the New Zealand opener this over before he drives a wide one behind square on the off side. It slows up and Ben Stokes wins the chase, just. Three more for Latham, who retains strike.

You can see what the wicket of Williamson means to Anderson – it was a big one

Stuart Broad continues and Tom Latham picks up where he left off in the last over as he steps forward and crashes it in front of square on the leg side. It’s too straight from Broad.

One sneaks through to Jos Buttler, it flicked off something. The umpire takes his time but he gives Latham out caught behind. But he reviews the decision. And rightly so. The ball made contact with the pad but not the bat.

Anderson celebrates his second wicket after dismissing Kane Williamson

Four slips and a gully in place for Tom Latham as Jimmy Anderson steams in again and he crashes a drive through the covers for four.

That delivery was wide of off stump by Anderson and perhaps overcompensating on the next ball, bowls one too straight. Flicked off the pads, not terribly powerfully but so well timed and it’s another boundary for Latham, who has race on to 14.

not quite on the money from Anderson in that over.

Tom Latham pushing at a very wide delivery by Stuart Broad. New Zealand are rattled. Broad drops one down the leg side and it brushes of Latham’s hip and races away for four leg byes.

Too straight again by Broad and it’s worked through the leg side. It looks to be racing away to the boundary but it slows in the wet outfield and New Zealand settle for three. And there is another cheer from the crowd for Jimmy Anderson as he slips on his backside.

PAUL NEWMAN: Jimmy strikes again! And what a blow that is! Kane Williamson is absolutely New Zealand’s rock and is one of the most in-form batsmen in the world. And he used to play for Yorkshire, too, so would have wanted to impress here. But he’s gone thanks ty a fabulous piece of bowling from Anderson and Alastair Cook’s decision to bowl has been justified already!

Wow, what a start for England and Jimmy Anderson. It’s looking like a good call by Alastair Cook to bowl first here. New Zealand under real pressure early on.

Two balls left in the over. the in swinger slides down the leg side and Jos Buttler takes it well diving to his left.

A double wicket maiden for Andeson. the sun is shining, on Headingley and England.

Anderson celebrates taking his 400th Test wicket

Jimmy Anderson whizzes one past Kane Williamson’s outside edge.

But it doesn’t miss the edge this time. And it’s a big wicket for England, dangerman Kane tickles on through to Jos Buttler and it’s a dream start for the hosts.

The sun is back out and so are the players as Jimmy Anderson continues to complete his second over. Kane Williamson joins Tom Latham at the crease.

Well the timing was perfect there! Jimmy Anderson becomes the 12th bowler and first Englishman to take 400 Test wickets! What a long way he has come since that cold May day in 2003 when he made his Test debut for England against Zimbabwe at Lord’s.

He is the master of his art and remains absolutely vital for England in this ashes summer. You have to feel for Martin Guptill there, though. It had started raining and the umpires were getting fidgety which must have effected his concentration.

As it was there was just time for that delivery and off they came. Hopefully it is just a short delay but whatever happens now this is Jimmy Anderson’s day.

Up go the umbrellas. The rain is coming down again.

And England have an early breakthrough. Jimmy Anderson has his 400th Test wicket. Gets Martin Guptill coming forward and he edges to Ian Bell at first slip, who takes the catch high.

And that will be that. The players are off the pitch and the covers are back on just 2.2 overs into match.

Somewhat predictably Stuart Broad, who bowled very well in both innings at Lord’s, will partner Jimmy Anderson as the second new ball bowler.

Broad bowling over the wicket to the left-hander Tom Latham, who hangs a bat outside off stump. Close!

Ominous signs as a dark cloud is gathering overhead. Latham flicks off his pads square on the leg side for two. New Zealand off the mark.

So, the sun appears and Headingley is look resplendent. It will be Jimmy Anderson to kick things off in this second Investec Test.

Here we go! It’s Anderson to Guptill. And the first delivery nips away from the right-hander and whistles past the outside edge. A good start by Anderson.

Another beauty pitched up moves away and is a whisker away from the bat.A maiden over to start by Anderson and plenty there to be encouraged by.

So, five minutes before play is due to start the covers are rushed back on to the pitch but there doesn’t seem to be any rain.

Hang on, the covers are going back off and the sun has come out. False alarm folks, no need to panic.

The bell rings and out come the England players. The wait is finally over and we are going to get some cricket.

As well as Alastair Cook chasing the England Test runs record, Jimmy Anderson is bidding to reach a mile stone of his own. England’s leading wicket taker is stuck on 399 Test wickets and will get the chance to 400 this afternoon.

PAUL NEWMAN: So it is England to bowl then and it is understandable that Alastair Cook decided to put New Zealand in.What I will say, though, is that Headingley is not the seamer’s paradise of old and quite often the amount of movement is dictated by the overhead conditions. And at the moment it is bright, sunny and fresh here in Leeds. So England will have to bowl well.

They are unchanged, as you would expect, but New Zealand have been forced into change by Corey Anderson’s back injury. Luke Ronchi, who started off his international career with Australia, makes his Test debut at 34 as keeper with BJ Watling staying in the team as a batsman only after injuring his knee at Lord’s. So will England carry on with the vibrant brand of cricket we saw at Lord’s? That’s what everyone is hoping for. They won in Grenada on the Caribbean tour and then undid all their good work by losing in Barbados. Now they have to keep the ball rolling in the last Test ahead of the Ashes.

ENGLAND: Cook, Lyth, Ballance, Bell, Root, Stokes, Buttler, Ali, Broad, Wood, Anderson

NEW ZEALAND: Guptill, Latham, Williamson, Taylor, McCullum, Watling, Ronchi, Craig, Southee, Henry, Boult

Luke Ronchi comes in to make his Test debut as Corey Anderson misses out through injury in the only change from the first Test.

Brendon McCullum calls heads… but loses and Alastair Cook has decided to have a bowl.

‘If I go past Graham Gooch that will be nice, but we have more important things to worry about,’ the England skipper says.

Ben Stokes signs a fan’s bat ahead of the second Test

Following an inspection at 12:45pm the pitch has been deemed ready! The captains will be out for the toss at 1pm and play will start half-an-hour later.

PAUL NEWMAN: Good afternoon from Headingley where the sun is finally shining and the second Test will get underway pretty soon. Such a shame we’ve had bad weather here in Leeds this morning because after what happened at Lord’s I think we all want the momentum to continue and cricket to retain its feel-good factor. The pitch looks pretty green now it is uncovered and I would be very surprised if the captain who wins the toss doesn’t bowl. All eyes on Alastair Cook if England bat as he is only 32 runs away from becoming England’s record Test runscorer. And all eyes on Jimmy Anderson if England bat as he is only one wicket away from the magical 400 mark on what is statistically his least favourite English ground. Lancastrians and Essex men are not usually that popular around here. But I think those two will be when they reach their landmarks!

With Ben Stokes emerging as a matchwinner against New Zealand and Alastair Cook looking back to his best, the fact that the England captain is still without a reliable opening partner was lost among the celebrations this week.

When Cook’s charges take the field against the Black Caps, two years will have passed since the man who came closest to filling that role made his most recent Test contribution. And Nick Compton is determined it won’t be his last.

That match – also against New Zealand at Headingley – brought about an abrupt hiatus in Compton’s brief international career, as the opener toiled his way to just eight runs over two innings.


England skipper Alastair Cook is closing in on England’s all-time Test runs record. The Essex batsman is just 31 runs behind Graham Gooch.

LAWRENCE BOOTH: Alastair Cook has paid tribute to Graham Gooch as he prepares to overhaul his mentor’s Test run-scoring record for England.

Cook goes into the second Investec Test against New Zealand, starting on Friday at Headingley, needing 32 runs to pass Gooch’s tally of 8,900 – and the England captain admitted he had found it helpful tapping into Gooch’s expertise again after the pair briefly went their separate ways last year.

‘It would be a lovely moment,’ said Cook. ‘I wouldn’t put myself anywhere near his class, but it would be a great moment.’


Captain Alastair Cook of England signs autographs with the fans at Headingley

Good news folks! The covers are coming off and it is looking brighter.

Brendon McCullum’s New Zealand will let bat and ball do the talking in the second Investec Test – but the touring captain is happy to have a word or two beforehand about the opposition.

The Black Caps have won friends and admirers over the past two years with their commitment to aggressive cricket, and aversion to sledging, in a sequence of six Test series unbeaten since they were last in England.

They shared a convivial post-match drink with their hosts after England fought back brilliantly at Lord’s to go 1-0 up in a series which will conclude at Headingley over the next five days.


Sportsmail’s Nasser Hussain picks out five areas England must improve before they face Australia in this summer’s Ashes series.


The rain has eased up for the time being at Headingley and it is looking a bit brighter. The plan is to take an early lunch at 12:30pm with a view to getting play under way at 1:10pm. 

As long as the rain stays away for the rest of the day there won’t be too much time lost in this Test bearing in mind we can play on until 19:10pm this evening.

Fingers crossed we will be under way in less than two hours.

The fans that have made it here early today will be pleased to see the rain ease up

After their heroics at Lord’s on Monday, England will be bitterly disappointed with the delay this morning. Alastair Cook would have been champing at the bit to get out there after their confidence-boosting victory in the first Test.

It was a fantastic Test that ebbed and flowed from day one to day five but it was the man of the match Ben Stokes, with his fastest Test century at Lord’s that swung the match for the hosts.

Morning showers left England facing a frustrating delay on the first morning of the second Investec Test against New Zealand at Headingley.

Persistent rain in Leeds had been forecast and the covers remained on, keeping the players inside the dressing room instead of completing their pre-match warm-ups.

With no sign of the scheduled 10.30am toss and the prospect of the entire morning session being washed out, Alastair Cook and James Anderson were both waiting to find out who would get first crack at chalking off a milestone. 


Hello and welcome along to Sportsmail’s live coverage of the second Investec Test between England and New Zealand from Headingley.

Bad news I’m afraid. The weather in Yorkshire this morning is, how shall we say, not the best to put it politely, and there will be a delay to the start of play.

The covers are on and the ground staff are working tirelessly to get the wicket ready. The good news, though is that it looks as though it will clear up early this afternoon – hopefully sooner rather than later.

Heavy rain falling at Headingley during the morning as the soakers mop up the water as the groundstaff work tirelessly



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