David Ornstein on Arsenal & Chelsea’s interest in Thiago Alcantara & why Thiago won’t move to the Etihad Stadium

Thiago Alcantara Bayern Munich

Rafa Honigstein on the Liverpool & Thiago Alcantara transfer story

The Athletic’s German football expert, Rafa Honigstein, has appeared as a guest on the latest ‘Ornstein & Chapman’ podcast (listen below) to discuss the transfer rumour linking Thiago Alcantara with Liverpool.

Summing up the situation, Rafa Honigstein began by confirming that Thiago is refusing to sign a contract extension at Bayern Munich.

Despite the fact that Munich manager Hansi Flick is keen for Thiago to stay, the Spaniard seems certain to leave Bayern this summer as he only has one year remaining on his contract.

When it comes to the likelihood of Thiago signing for Liverpool, while Honigstein admitted that the deal was “possible”, his underlying sense is that the transfer is “unlikely”.

Honigstein cited Liverpool’s recent decisions in the transfer market as a sign that the club are probably not going to spend big money signing a 29-year-old playmaker, who will have little resale value down the line.


David Ornstein on Arsenal & Chelsea’s interest in Thiago Alcantara

Honigstein also added that Thiago may be determined to run down his contract at Bayern, which would then give the player greater leverage to return to Spain in 12-months time.

It was added that Thiago, and his family, would like to go back to their homeland.

However, David Ornstein also revealed that he’s heard Thiago would also be tempted with a move to London.

Could Arsenal or Chelsea make a move this summer? David Ornstein said:

There has been interest from Chelsea and Arsenal in the past. Whether that materialises this summer I’m not too sure.

London has always appealed to him and his wife as a stop in his career. 

Arsenal, on a couple of occasions, and Chelsea too, have shown interest in signing him.

Thiago Alcantara won’t play for Pep Guardiola at Manchester City

One club who won’t be signing Thiago is Manchester City.

David Ornstein has confirmed that Thiago is balking at the idea of playing for Pep Guardiola at the Etihad Stadium.

Of course, Guardiola signed Thiago for Bayern back in 2013.

So why has the Spaniard decided to not play for Pep again? That’s unclear, as David Ornstein explained:

One place we can tick off is Manchester City. As far as I understand it, (Thiago) probably would not work with Pep Guardiola. 

(Why?) That’s not something I’ve got to the bottom of.

When I’ve mentioned Manchester City, to my surprise, I’ve been told that him working with Pep, and Pep working with him is not something that either of them crave. 

I explored if there was some kind of animosity there. I was told ‘no, it’s nothing bad’ but perhaps there is something beneath the surface that I don’t know about.