Brandon Nimmo and Mets Get Walk-Off Win Over Yankees

Nimmo saw 24 pitches in his three at-bats against Cole, including 16 after the count reached two strikes. It was a master class in wearing down a power pitcher, and built off lessons Nimmo learned in the Mets’ farm system.

“There’s this old thing back when I was in the minor leagues: ‘see two more pitches, that helps your team once you get to two strikes,’” Nimmo said. “And that’s kind of the mentality you take to it: I’m trying to hone in and see if he can make a mistake early, because we need to jump on that, but I don’t want to expand too much, because we don’t want to make soft early outs. It’s a tough line to toe, but I was proud of my at-bats today.”

Nimmo’s final one came in the 10th against Nick Ramirez, a lefty who had come in specifically to face him. Nimmo (now batting .345 against left-handers) hammered a sinker off the wall to score Eduardo Escobar and give the Mets a win they badly needed — a win that seemed big because it was.

“It feels good to win, but it’s even better when it’s a walk-off win, and it happened to one of the best guys out there,” shortstop Francisco Lindor said. “That’s how the game works. He didn’t feel good about yesterday, and I’m sure he didn’t feel good about what happened early in the game today. And he had his chance and he didn’t let it go.”

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