Angels Purchase Daniel Murphy’s Contract from Long Island Ducks

“He still has all the bat speed,” Backman said. “I know the last year he was with Colorado, he had a bad hand, and he tried to play through it. I believe just from watching him play yesterday, with the National League bringing in the D.H., I think there’ll be a spot for him.”

And beyond Murphy’s own goals, Backman said his experience could make a huge difference for the Ducks’ younger players.

“The older guys and the levels they’ve been at, they’re not going to let those younger guys out-hustle them,” Backman said. “We saw it yesterday when Murphy hit a ball down the right-field line and he had to leg out a double, and then later he makes a diving play at first base. That rubs off on the young guys. They’ll bust their butt because they see the work ethic in the older guys.”

Murphy, for his part, is trying to focus on the journey.

“This is a brand-new adventure,” he said. “I think I’ve got a bit of baseball left in me, and I want to find out.”

Glancing at his younger teammates, he added: “I still like base hits, though. It’s a lot more fun when you get hits.”

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