• Andy Murray opens his US Open campaign against Nick Kyrgios
  • The British No 1 is bidding for a third Grand Slam title
  • Murray takes a two-set lead at 7-5, 6-3 up on Arthur Ashe stadium 
  • Asterisk (*) denotes next server 

Stuart Fraser for MailOnline

Follow Sportsmail’s coverage of a blockbuster US Open first-round match as Andy Murray takes on Nick Kyrgios under the lights in New York.

Stuart Fraser brings you game-by-game updates, while tennis correspondent Mike Dickson will be providing regular insight from his courtside position in Arthur Ashe Stadium. 

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It’s not a break if you can’t hold.. and that’s exactly what happens as Murray brings up three break points at 0-40 before breaking back on the first as Kyrgios nets with the forehand. Back on serve in this third set.

Murray is pumped up as he takes a two-set lead against Kyrgios

Great 26-shot exchange from the back of the court at 30-30 goes Kyrgios’s way and he brings his 10th break point of the match. Murray saves it with a swerving ace down the middle.

Kyrgios hits a forehand return winner on deuce to bring up his 11th, but he hits a backhand into the net before slamming his racket to the ground in frustration.

A backhand return winner gives Kyrgios another opportunity to break, but again he fails to take it as he goes long with a poor unforced error from his forehand.

Murray can’t take game point and Kyrgios has ANOTHER break point, which this time he takes as Murray’s forehand hits the net and drops wide.

That’s tweener No 3 from Kyrgios. Cannot see him winning this match from here but he has given everyone a reminder that he is terrific box office. Assuming Murray wins this he faces France’s Adrian Mannarino in the next round. Right now the career scoreline in sets between Murray and Kyrgios is 10-0.

Murray utterly brilliant as he defends at the back of the court before racing forward to the opposite side to direct a backhand past Kyrgios for 15-30. He then has a break point at 30-40 but disappointingly hits a looping forehand wide.

Kyrgios then goes on to hold in the opening game of the third set as Murray dumps a backhand return into the net.

Kyrgios muttering away to himself as Murray brings up three set points at 40-0… and he only needs one as Kyrgios dumps a backhand into the net.

Another Murray stat: the Brit has only lost once in the 124 matches in which he has won the first two sets, his only defeat coming against David Nalbandian at Wimbledon in 2005.

They think it’s all over…

That looked to be the moment where Murray would start to run away with this match, but Kyrgios immediately responds by bringing up two break points of his own at 15-40.

Murray saves both but has to face a third as Kyrgios blasts a forehand winner down the line. Well saved again by Murray, however, who brings Kyrgios into the net with the drop shot before putting the volley away into the open court.

Kyrgios has a fourth break point as Murray nets with the backhand… but again the Brit saves it with some deft touch at the net. Kyrgios then gifts Murray game point as he decides to play a half-volley through the legs but Murray’s backhand slice fails to clear the net.

Proving to be a crucial game, this. Murray attacks with the forehand to bring up another game point… and this time he takes it to hold for 5-2 as Kyrgios needlessly jumps and slaps a forehand into the net.

Kyrgios questions a call as he takes on Murray on Tuesday night in New York

Huge ovation at the changeover for Billie Jean King saluting the crowd. Down on the court there have been some awkward moments for Murray but in general he has been very focused in this difficult match-up. Kyrgios is a study in wandering concentration.

After missing an opportunity to break in the previous game, a forehand into the net by Murray brings up two break points for Kyrgios at 15-40. The Aussie goes wide with his forehand return on the first and then he misses off the same side again on the second.

Kyrgios has a third break point on advantage, but Murray serves his way out of trouble before sealing the hold for 3-2.

Murray hits a return under the lights on Arthur Ashe Stadium on Tuesday night

Fascinating contrast in styles here. Kyrgios the streaky opponent with moments of brilliance, but Murray ultimately the solid player on top with far more tactical nous and consistency.

Murray has a break point at 30-40 but goes wide with the backhand. Brilliant point on deuce as Murray puts up his trademark defence before hitting a cross-court forehand pass which catches the line.

Kyrgios, though, saves break point again with a big serve, and then he brings up game point with a huge 119mph second-serve ace down the middle. A forehand winner seals the hold for Kyrgios.

Comfortable hold for Kyrgios in his first service game of the second set. The stats sheet shows that Murray and Kyrgios are level on winners with 15 each, but the Aussie has two more unforced errors than his opponent with 12.

Lleyton Hewitt cheers his compatriot on from the players’ box on Arthur Ashe Stadium

Bizarre first set in many ways and it felt like at the end of it Murray was saying: ‘You’ve had your fun.’ Hard to see how Kyrgios can be viewed as bad for tennis when he’s so compelling to watch. On a more sober note, impressively controlled performance from Murray against someone giving him no rhythm.

Kyrgios complains about the overhead lights during the set break before lying back in his courtside chair, shutting his eyes and zoning out.

Murray opens the second set with a hold to 15. And here’s some more good news for the Brit’s fans: Murray has won all 49 matches in which he has taken the first set this year.

Some big hitting by Murray from the back of the court puts pressure on Kyrgios and the Brit is within two points of the first set at 15-30.

Kyrgios then goes long with a backhand and Murray has two more set points. The first is saved as Kyrgios strolls forward to put away the smash… but Murray leans into the return on the second and steers a beautiful backhand into the open court down the line to take the opening set.

Murray hits a backhand on his way to taking the first set against Kyrgios

Murray looking to pounce and break to take this first set. A Kyrgios double fault brings up set point for Murray at 30-40… but the Aussie saves it as he pushes Murray back into the back wall almost before hitting the drop shot which Murray can’t get up to retrieve.

Kyrgios then reels off two points in a row from deuce to draw level at 5-5. Well held.

Kyrgios looks on as he prepares to return against Murray at Flushing Meadows

There are times when Kyrgios looks like he just wants to show off, like with the tweeter and the miscues overhead. But we shouldn’t complain, you can’t take your eyes off him. Must be very difficult for Murray to keep his concentration in this whole theatre. You get the feeling the Aussie might strike at any time or just blow it.

More pressure on Murray’s serve at 15-30. The Brit looks a tad tentative at times but perfectly responds with two aces to bring up game point at 40-30.

Murray goes into the net, though, and it’s deuce. Two strong serves force the errors from Kyrgios off the return and Murray moves to within one game of the first set.

Murray’s wife Kim is in attendance. This is expected to be the last tournament she attends abroad before the birth of their first child next February.

Murray’s wife Kim arrives to take her seat on Arthur Ashe Stadium for the match

While Kyrgios mutters away to himself on the court, Murray routinely holds serve to edge back in front. As I said earlier, bear in mind that the conditions placed on Kyrgios by the ATP do not apply here as this is an ITF tournament.

Murray hits a serve as he gets his US Open campaign under way on Arthur Ashe

Long delay at the start of this game as the crowd streams into the stadium. Some a bit slow to get to their courtside seats, disrupting the players in the process. Kyrgios none too happy about this and is heard to mutter: ‘f****** b*******.’

Kyrgios is an early break up but he quickly goes three break points down in this game with an attempted drop shot which barely reaches the net. Kyrgios saves two but goes long on the third and Murray is back on level terms.

First time I’ve been on Arthur Ashe with the half-constructed roof and it really does have a different feel with the lighting and still air. Murray made sure he practised last week in the evening here and you can see why. Also some early signs of why Kyrgios is so dangerous. Crowd very passive so far.

For someone like Murray, who often likes to work his way into a match in the early stages of tournaments and suss out the conditions, playing such a flashy opponent like Kyrgios is not the ideal first-round draw.

Just like the opening game, Kyrgios brings up a break point at 30-40… and takes it as Murray comes forward to attack but sends a backhand long. First blood to the Aussie!

Solid start for Kyrgios as he holds to 15 with an ace. Interesting to see that Lleyton Hewitt is sitting in his compatriot’s box barely hours after booking his own place in the second round. Hewitt – who retires next year – has been helping coachless Kyrgios in recent weeks.

Murray acknowledges the Arthur Ashe crowd as he walks out onto court on Tuesday night in New York

Kyrgios takes the first two points of the match for 0-30 as Murray looks a little tense at the start. Murray pulls it back to 30-30 but Kyrgios lets out a loud ‘come on’ as the Brit nets a backhand slice and he has a break point early on.

But Murray saves it with an ace out wide and he goes on to hold to settle any lingering nerves.

This is just about as tough an opener as it can get for Andy Murray with Nick Kyrgios missing out on a seeding by just five spots.

But the good news for Murray fans is that their man has won all three matches against the Aussie and hasn’t dropped a set in any of them. Two of these meetings were at Grand Slams this year, the Australian Open and Roland Garros.

And here’s another stat for you: Murray has never lost to an Australian on the tour, winning all 12 matches he has played against them. Will he make it 13-0 tonight?

Andy Murray (right) shakes hands with Nick Kyrgios after winning their quarter-final clash at the Australian Open

Nick Kyrgios stops in the tunnel for the pre-match interview with ESPN and Sportsmail columnist Brad Gilbert. The Australian hails Andy Murray as ‘the greatest athlete on tour’.

No audible boos or any negative reaction for the Aussie as he walks out onto court. And a warm welcome for 2012 US Open champion Andy Murray as he emerges.

Nick Kyrgios walks out onto Arthur Ashe Stadium for his match against Andy Murray

Nick Kyrgios hit the headlines just weeks ago in Montreal when he sledged Stan Wawrinka during their match at the Rogers Cup, saying: ‘[Thanasi] Kokkinakis banged your girlfriend. Sorry to tell you that, mate’.’ Click here to read more on the infamous incident.

The fall-out was massive. As a result, Kyrgios received a fine, as well as a suspended 28-day ban if he fails to meet certain conditions in relation to his behaviour at ATP tournaments in the next six months.

Take note, however, that the ban will not be imposed if he breaches these conditions tonight on Arthur Ashe Stadium as the Grand Slams are administered by the International Tennis Federation, not the ATP.

It will be interesting to see what sort of reaction Kyrgios gets when he emerges shortly.

A pleasant evening temperature wise in New York with little wind. It was interesting to hear Roger Federer say that the new roof structure has reduced the breeze anyway, so conditions should be fairly still.

Kyrgios has been prowling around the player area with his headphones on, and he is bound to be looking forward to this. History between him and Murray suggests only one winner, but the Australian has shown before that he can lift himself on the big stage and there is little pressure on him.

Another interesting factor will be how the traditionally rowdy New York crowd reacts to him. I suspect many of them will not know much first hand about him, but if he starts getting grumpy there could be some fascinating interaction. That said, his respect for Murray means that he is usually on good behaviour when he meets the Scot.

Ultimately Murray’s record of admirable consistency in the Grand Slams means it is going to have to be a major upset for anything untoward to happen to the number three seed.

When the draw for this year’s US Open was made on Thursday, this was undoubtedly the first-round tie which stood out. And it’s almost time for the action to get under way.

Andy Murray takes on Nick Kyrgios in a blockbuster clash under the lights on Arthur Ashe Stadium. It makes for a thrilling start to the British No 1’s US Open campaign, albeit a tough one.

Stick with us as we bring you all the action from Flushing Meadows. The players are due on court shortly.



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