• Amir Khan impressed during his last fight against Devon Alexander
  • Chris Algieri lost his last fight against Manny Pacquiao in Macau  

Martin Domin for MailOnline

Amir Khan insists he is once again just one impressive victory away from a fight against Floyd Mayweather and tonight he has the chance to prove it against Chris Algieri.

Khan takes on the New Yorker in his backyard, at the fabled Barclays Center, six months after his impressive performance against Devon Alexander.

The Bolton welterweight hopes a win will propel him into a clash with Mayweather in September in what promises to be the self-proclaimed ‘best ever’.

Algieri, meanwhile, has not fought since losing a lop-sided decision to Manny Pacquiao last November, a fight in which he was knocked down six times.

But he does have a notable win over Ruslan Provodnikov on his record and will be no pushover for Khan.

Join us for full coverage from the Big Apple with expert analysis from boxing correspondent Jeff Powell at ringside.



  • Martin Domin

    Host commentator

The cut doesn’t appear to be serious as Khan looks to pull away down the stretch. His speedy attacks are punctuated by the odd right hand from Algieri but his attacks are becoming few and far between as we head into the final third.

Khan is cut around the left eye after an accidental headbutt but he doesn’t let it affect him as he throws his combinations and slips off. Algieri still manages to slip in a right hand from time to time but the threat level has been lowered.

JEFF POWELL: Algieri, hoping his strength regime wold prevail, began leaning on but Khan held up under the physical pressure and took the round 10-9

The right hand was causing Khan problems early in the fight but Algieri uses the left hook to good effect in this round. But the Brit is looking sharper now as we hit halfway, using his speed and dancing away from the Long Island native.

JEFF POWELL: Khan asserted an element of control as they reached halfway. His combinations were more fluent and his accuracy sharper as he enjoyed a relatively comfortable sixth round 10-9

Algieri may have made a strong start but his right eye is swollen from Khan’s jab. The Brit slips in the final minute but it wasn’t close to being a knockdown, despite Algieri’s protestations. A better round for Khan but he does ship a left hook in the closing stages.

JEFF POWELL: Khan needed to raise his game and did so at the start of the fifth. But he looked a shade fortunate to have knockdown scored against him. Although there was an element of a slip Algiieri did land a punch and looked very disappointed with referee Mark Nelson. Still, with no knockdown scored Khan again edged a round 10-9

A strong start for Algieri as he finds a way through with his right hand on more than one occasion. The referee implores both men to keep it clean as they scrap on the inside but still the New Yorker sets the pace. We are only a third of the way through but Khan looks less impressive than in his last two fights.

JEFF POWELL: Unexpectedly it was Khan’s chin which was being tested as much as his skills.  He withstood a succession of solid rights and lefts admirably but this was not going according to script. The local chants for Algieri began to drown out Khan’s army as the home boy enjoyed his best round 9-10

Algieri is certainly making a better fist of this than many thought and predicted. His right hand in particular is causing Khan problems and then a left catches him going backwards. The Brit has a better final minute as he slips a rather wild right hand before returning fire.

JEFF POWELL: Algieri – who had run from Pacquiao the entire fight in Macau – was forcing the fight now. Khan needed all his expertise t o keep the super-fit New Yorker at bay and he probably edged the round with a couple of clean blows in the final minute  10-9

Algieri doesn’t stop coming forward but he’s not exactly cute about it and doesn’t disguise his shots particularly well. Khan pops out the jab to better effect in this second session.

JEFF POWELL: Despite his reputation for a weak chin Khan showed no ill affects from that one big right as he went back to business in the second.  But Algieri again landed the more powerfully, this time with a sharp left and hurtful right, to nullify Khan’s speedy combinations  9-10

Both men take their time to size the other up and certainly Algieri is the bigger of the two in the ring. He tries to take the centre of the ring and lands a couple of telling blows but Khan’s speed comes into play as the round goes on until Algieri lands a right hand in the final seconds that shakes the Brit momentarily.

JEFF POWELL: Khan knew he needed to make a good impression against Algieri, who looked not only the taller but distinctly the larger welterweight on the night. He set about doing so with controlled, rapier accuracy. Under his new trainer this was a more aggressive, composed New Yorker but although there was a frisson of alarm when he rocked Khan with a right this was Amir’s round 10-9 (Khan first)


JEFF POWELL: A different night of the week in America, another Premier Boxing Champions promotion under the shadowy auspices of Al ‘Svengali’ Haymon.

The new money on the block began reviving the old US tradition of The Friday Night Fight with this noisy evening out in New York.

Six days earlier the PBC had staged James DeGale’s world super-middleweight title triumph over Andre Dirrell in Boston.

The Barclays Center in Brooklyn is a more glamorous arena than the Agganis college basketball hall in Boston and although no title was attached to this 12-round engagement it drew at least double the crowd.

The Center was configured down from 17,000 to about 7,000 for the occasion but it still created a bigger-fight feel.

Although they again used canned cheering pumped at full volume over the sound system to pump up the atmosphere, but there were authentic roars and  a surge of real electricity as Algieri and especially Khan came to the ring.

Javier Fortuna gets the nod from all three judges and is the WBA’s new ‘regular’ super featherweight world champion.

Khan’s ready and we’re into the 12th and we’re probably around 15 minutes away from the ring walks.

To be honest, this feels pretty low key for a Khan fight. Maybe it’s because it’s on a Friday night or perhaps it’s the opponent but there hasn’t been the same buzz.

Of course, all of his fights are slightly overshadowed by the same question: will Floyd Mayweather be next?

The honest answer is that nobody knows but perhaps the picture will be clearer in a couple of hours.

The big fights just keep coming as we head to the east coast of America tonight for the latest installment of Amir Khan’s rollercoaster career.

The Brit takes on Chris Algieri in what is a very winnable fight. It would be a rather big shock if the New Yorker was to pull off the victory.




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