#SocialMediaGoals: Our Favorite Social Media Accounts for Inspiration

If you want to gain the awareness and trust of the consumer, you have to be active on social media, however, knowing how to successfully manage a social media account does not come naturally. No worries, we all need role models to look up to and learn from now and then.

Up your social media game and gain some inspiration by looking at the pros to see what you can immediately implement on your platforms.

The following companies have all the social media basics down: consistency, high-quality imagery and knowledge of their audience.

Twitter Champion: Taco Bell

Taco Bell reigns supreme on multiple social channels, but their Twitter handle truly stands out.

What are they doing right?

  • They never sleep. Taco Bell is always tweeting and always engaging. The shelf life for a tweet is nonexistent. In order to reach your followers that are always online, you must also be tweeting at all times of the day. Set up alerts on your phone and be prepared to engage whenever possible. Customers not only appreciate the timely responses, but it’s also a great way to show value and build trust.
  • They turned themselves into teenagers. Creating content that is relevant to your audience is a given, but if you want to be relevant on social media you need to take it a step further. Taco Bell consistently skews their content to go hand in hand with their largest customer base—teens. Milestones such as prom or graduation are consistently part of their promotion tactics. They post videos and photos surrounding these events while also retweeting and engaging similar content from followers. Most recently Taco Bell retweeted @MOGirlProbs senior photos at their restaurant, starting a nationwide trend for professional, fast food-eating photos. Get in the mind of your customers a peer.
  • They are fun. Don’t forget that this is social media, and people want to be entertained. Following the coveted 80/20 rule, Taco Bells balances having fun with their audience and pushing product sales. A mix of visual graphics and creative videos is the best way to keep your audience interested, engaged and ready for more tacos.

Taco Bell Twitter

Image via Taco Bell

Facebook: L.L. Bean

What is L.L. Bean doing right?

  • They have all the right gear. This page has everything you could want and more when it comes to content. Between breathtaking landscape photos by customers, fun promotions, events and inspiration they still have time for contests. You can’t successfully climb Mt. Everest with just a few pieces of gear; you need every piece of the puzzle to be successful.
  • They created a hub. Their page has become a place you can go for anything L.L. Bean. You can easily sign up for emails, take a look at all the upcoming events or even follow the account of a store near you for local updates. Creating a community of loyal and engaging followers.

L.L. Bean Facebook

Image via Facebook

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Instagram: General Electric

I know what you’re thinking, “General Electric has an Instagram account, and people actually follow it?” First, let me explain.

What are they doing right?

  • They have attitude. When you think of GE and social media the first thing that comes to mind: boring. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Besides naming all of their Instagram follower’s #AVGeeks they also sprinkle a little bit of humor into almost every post. From their tongue-in-cheek language to their slightly inappropriate hashtagging they have turned a boring windmill into a laugh-worthy occasion. Bottom line, it’s all about the delivery. You can make anything interesting on Instagram with the right combination of graphic and verbiage. On Instagram never be afraid to step outside the box to gain a little attention.
  • They have balance. GE has mastered the art of balance in their stream. From beautiful landscape photos with giant windmills to behind the scene employee photos. You never know quite what you are going to get with them, and that’s exciting for followers. Instagram is the place where creativity shines. Take a photo from a unique angle, shoot a hyperlapse video or share employees behind the scene. Whatever your do, don’t be dull.

General Electric Instagram

Image via Instagram

Pinterest: Lauren Conrad

I know, somewhat of an obvious choice but, as the queen of all bloggers Lauren Conrad’s Company Pinterest account is any girls dream.

What are they doing right?

  • Branding. The second you enter into the account you can see the consistent branding throughout. All boards are clean, organized and visually consistent creating an experience for the follower.
  • Pinning is winning. Pinterest is not about just sharing your personal content. It’s also about pinning other content that your followers will also be interested in seeing. Lauren Conrad knows exactly what content her followers are looking for and is consistently pinning from all sorts of similar handles creating a well-rounded and exciting feed.

Lauren Conrad Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

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LinkedIn: L’Oréal

What are they doing right?

  • They skew their content. Although L’Oréal is a cosmetic brand, they have made sure to skew their content to fit into what their LinkedIn followers are interested in reading. Instead of teaching the audience how to create the perfect smoky eye, they are teaching them to how to take control of their career or showing the science behind a certain product. They prove that any company can make the most of their professional network by taking the right angle
  • They spark conversation. LinkedIn is the perfect place to get professional feedback and start great conversations. L’Oréal is consistently asking questions and engaging with their followers. Keeping the conversation and their brand relevant. 

L'Oréal LinkedIn

Image via LinkedIn

When looking at these platforms it’s not always easy to see who is doing it right or wrong. Follow the path these experts are taking and you’re sure to find success.

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