Smash your anger away in this rage room


Frustrated travelers looking to let off a little steam would be wise to head to Toronto.

That’s where they’ll find Battle Sports’ Rage Room, a special room built specifically for relieving stress through destruction.

For $20, guests at least 18 years or older will receive 30 minutes inside the Rage Room with a baseball bat, five plates and a block of “mysterious” indestructible material.

Protective gear including a full-face mask, coveralls and gloves are provided.

Of course, if you’re still angry after smashing all five plates, you can order more breakable items off of the Smash Menu. Available items include plates, pictures, wine glasses, vases and chairs, among others. The additional smash objects vary in price, but start at just $2.

Guests can also have music played in the Rage Room thanks to a bluetooth speaker.

“You’re told all your life not to break things,” Rage Room co-founder Timothy Cheung told the Guardian. “The Rage Room goes against it. It can’t help but be cathartic.”

Battle Sports, which also offers archery and archery dodgeball, is located in an industrial park in the northern end of Toronto.

While the Rage Room may not be the first attraction on Toronto visitors’ lists, it’s undoubtedly among the most unique the city — or any other destination for that matter — has to offer.

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