Shoot That Video: 7 Ways to Grow Your Business with YouTube Marketing

YouTube can be a haven for business growth, where you get consistent streams of traffic and leads and even sales.

If your business isn’t currently leveraging YouTube as one of the tools in its marketing arsenal, then you’re missing out.

But all hope isn’t lost: it’s never too late to start your YouTube marketing journey, and in fact, there are a lot of opportunities for overtaking your competitors via YouTube. And that’s the focus of this post – to teach you how.

Introduction to YouTube for Business

YouTube boasts of more than one billion unique visitors monthly, 300 hours of video uploads per minute, and six billion hours of video views monthly. These facts make it both the biggest video site and the second largest search engine in the world, just behind Google. These, and other amazing statistics make YouTube a force to reckon with online.

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The video-sharing functionality of YouTube also makes it one of the biggest social media sites. I believe by now you can begin to imagine the potentials YouTube holds for businesses, especially in terms of reach. To reap the benefits YouTube offers businesses, the first step is to open a channel on YouTube and start posting useful, engaging content. However, it’s not enough to just post videos on YouTube hoping your prospects will automatically find them; you have to put in some hard work.

Find below seven ways you can optimize YouTube to grow your business online.

1. Fill Out Your Details Properly

Just like every other social sharing site, your YouTube profile should be filled out in details – especially the “About” tab. You want your business to be easily found on YouTube, not sparing details of how to contact you, or how to take advantage of your offers.

2. Use Keywords Everywhere

Your profile, your video title, description, and tags. This is what will make you and your content easy to find when such keywords are searched on YouTube. You can use Google Keyword Planner to find your ideal keywords and their variations. You should, however, be careful to not stuff your channel with keywords. Let your keywords be moderate and look natural.

3. Copy What Already Works

Why bother reinventing the wheel when some people are already killing it big on YouTube? eAutoLease is a brand rocking it on YouTube but they didn’t have to move mountains to make that happen. They simply found out what works in their market, and on YouTube generally, and then copied it for their own use.

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You can and should do the same. Do a search for your topic or niche, watch various videos – especially the top ranking ones, figure out what they’re doing right and implement them for your own brand. You can steal profile-filling ideas, video title and description copy, type of video, style, keywords, imaging style, calls-to-action, and any other thing you can find. The fact that they’re working for them means they’ll most probably work for you.

4. Use Great Images

Use great images in your profile and also use thumbnails that stand out for your videos. Images come in handy in YouTube search. You ideally want to use an image like the one for this video that will be hard to scroll past while a user is browsing the many search results. The key is to grab attention! Ensure your thumbnail is relevant to your message and don’t focus instead on just grabbing attention.

5. Deliver Value First

YouTube is a social sharing site. People want to learn new things and also engage with peers. It’s a bad environment to sell outrightly, especially to people that don’t know you. You should deliver value first in a bid to be seen as a trusted authority, then drive traffic to your website or sales funnel, where you can then sell to them down the line.

This is the best way to sell successfully on YouTube. People are hungry not just for entertainment but also for good information on almost any topic, from personal finance and smartphone hacks to blogging, cooking, weight loss, etc. Satisfy this hunger first, and they’ll surely reward you in return with their emails or cash.

6. Always Add Your URL to Descriptions

Whenever you upload a video, always add a URL (link to your website) to the description, preferably at the beginning, so people can click on it and visit your website. Also ensure you ask them explicitly to click on the link, if there are no other calls-to-action.

7. Promote your videos

After you’ve done everything you can to improve your visibility on YouTube, you should also go further to promote your videos across other online platforms to get more visibility. Share your videos on other social media sites, embed them in your blog post, send them to your mailing list, ask people to share it, etc. You can also promote your videos with compelling video ads to get more awareness for your business.

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Growing your business on YouTube isn’t so difficult; it’s very doable. It only takes commitment and consistency. Keep delivering value while you remain very social. Before long, your authority would have been established firmly and your business would reap the benefits that follow.

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