A British adventurer, dubbed the Running Man, has completed an epic 11,000-mile journey on his feet.

Solo runner Jamie Ramsay has run the equivalent to 403 marathons from Vancouver in Canada to Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires.

Mr Ramsay, from Edinburgh, finished his run around 4pm local time on Wednesday.

He was raising money and awareness for three charities – CALM (dedicated to preventing male suicide), WaterAid and Macmillan.

“I’ve always loved running. I’ve always loved travelling. I just had something inside of me that wanted to go out and see if I could do something special,” he told Sky News.

“Everyone seemed to support me, so I just went out and did it.

“Every single day is completely different – you are running through some amazing scenery – so that gives you motivation but I was raising money for three great charities.

“CALM is preventing male suicide – which is a big problem in the UK right now. Macmillan and WaterAid. That gives you a lot of motivation.”

After leaving Canada 17 months ago, he has consumed nearly 6,000 calories a day and changed his trainers every thousand kilometres.

He has run through deserts, over mountains and through 14 different countries.

He has averaged over a marathon a day, on his unaided journey, pushing around 45 kilos of equipment in a conventional baby stroller.

But in the last 29 days he has run an average of 35 miles (56km) a day in order to reach Buenos Aires so he could spend New Year’s Eve there with his girlfriend. 

He will arrive back in the UK on Sunday 10 January at Heathrow and finish his trip with a 15-mile jog from the airport to the Mall in central London.

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