Recycle for the Win: Clever Ways to Repurpose Old Blog Content

You know the old motto: “reduce, reuse, recycle.” But who’d have thought that it could apply to your blog content? Well, two of the three principles (I don’t recommend reducing it, unless you’re particularly verbose). 

As bloggers, we need to be constantly on our toes for ways to attract new visitors—and also do more with less. So how perfect is it that we can pair the two goals together and accomplish them with one “stone?”

Recycling blog content is hardly a new concept—but it is one that, unless done properly, can spell a quick demise. So what’s the secret to succeeding with recycled content?

It’s simple: you need to have written high quality, evergreen content to begin with. That means that you had a quality concept that will continue to provide value to your readers—even if you recycle it a year later. Of course, you’ll do some updating as part of the recycling process—but you still need a solid concept to work with.

Here are a few ways to breathe new life into your existing content: 

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1. Repurpose an Existing Blog Into an Email Newsletter

If you’re blogging professionally, you likely have a regular posting schedule—which also means that no matter how dedicated your subscribers are, they’ll probably miss a post from time to time. Not to mention that not everyone who knows you will have the time—or simply remember—to visit your blog; so make sure that you reach them a different way.

An email newsletter is a relatively easy (and cheap) way to get your word out—so take a few minutes, do some reformatting and make a point to share your best content with your subscribers. You can just email the post out, or write an intro and post a teaser that links through to the live version of the full post; the latter is an excellent way to increase traffic.

Example: The image below shows how I feature one of my old (but useful) blog posts in my newsletter at WHSR.

how to make money blogging

2. Make Use of Forums

Part of making your blog a success is getting your name out there and positioning yourself as a leader in your space.

Forums are an excellent way to do just that. It’s pretty easy to reply to forum posts with relevant information and, as part of your response, include a link to your existing blog post. Alternately, update and re-post the blog content to the forum as a way to either give support to people requesting it or to spark discussion.

3. Breathe New Life Into the Content

With how quickly technology changes, many posts could use an update every once in a while, regardless of your industry. Take a few moments to update a great post with new content, such as new stats or improved strategies. If there is a current noteworthy event, update the content to relate to that event and tie it to your perspective—then, promote it via social media to increase traffic.

It’s like getting a brand new post but in a quarter of the time.

4. Turn Your Written Content Into a Visual

Infographics are holding strong and an easy way to turn quantifiable data and tidbits into digestible, fresh content. Alternately, videos are a great way to engage your audience. Doing a video doesn’t need to be a time—or cost—consuming effort. A little bit of animation or typography can go a long way.

Example, How Oxygen 2.0 turned their old blog post into a Pin.

benefits of blogging

Image via Pinterest

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5. Get Published

eBooks are a great way to find new leads and readers. You can charge for the content, but if you’re basing your books on existing content, you’re likely better off offering it for free and looking to expand your readership and increase ad sales or partnerships for revenue.

Example: One of the many useful eBooks at AdEspresso—which is a good bait to generate email leads. Note that the eBook has also been turned into webinar here

Do's and don'ts of facebook advertising

Image via Adspresso

6. Promote Within Your Blog

Just because you posted something some time ago doesn’t mean it isn’t of interest to someone today. Make creative use of your blog’s sidebar features to promote existing content. You can do it manually, including posts of interest that you’d like to promote or, depending on which tool you use, you may be able to automate a “posts you may be interested in” content stream.

Example: I handpicked some of our best blogging posts and highlight them in a “Best-of” page at WHSR.

Best of WHSR

Image via WHSR

7. Give Your Content a Voice—Literally

Anyone can do a podcast with today’s technology. Use an existing post as the basis for a new podcast. It doesn’t have to be anything long— two-minute snippets have been known to find great success—but you’ll find an opportunity to build your brand while also expanding on the ideas presented in your original written version.

There are plenty of ways to bring new life to your existing content. Sometimes, it takes repurposing what you have to new media while other times you may be able to refresh your content with written updates and data. It’s about doing more with less—while also providing value to your audience (and growing your readership).

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