Raissman: A-Rod doping admission makes Mike Francesa look like fool

Mike Francesa sides with Alex Rodriguez in an interview last November that the third baseman was being railroaded by MLB for his role in Biogenesis. Mike Francesa sides with Alex Rodriguez in an interview last November that the third baseman was being railroaded by MLB for his role in Biogenesis.

It’s really too bad Mike (Sports Pope) Francesa’s Wednesday WFAN soiree was not simulcast on Fox Sports 1. If it were, we would have seen His Eminence throwing his arms wide open ready to welcome Alex Rodriguez back to studio at his earliest possible convenience for another exclusive interview.

No matter this wayward member of Francesa’s Flock lied to the Valley of the Stupid’s spiritual leader nearly a year ago during the much ballyhooed balcony interview. Francesa can’t wait for the next lie to come along.

The content and tone of the Pope’s sermon made it clear he wants to reprise his role of A-Rod’s designated interviewer/pro bono attorney in the next exclusive one-on-one.

Short of reminding Rodriguez to bring his pillow to their next pillow fight, Francesa did everything he could to nail down the next one-on-one.

“Would I have him back on the show? Absolutely, tomorrow,” Francesa, without hesitation, told one of his callers. “I would be stupid not to. No one would turn down an interview with him.”

Someone who takes lying seriously, or being used, might. Two months after Rodriguez stormed out of an arbitration hearing at Major League Baseball’s Manhattan headquarters, and high-tailed it over to the friendly confines of Francesa’s studio, Rodriguez revealed his doping habits to DEA agents along with the list of PED’s he purchased from Tony Bosch’s drug emporium.

But on Nov. 20, 2013 A-Rod swore (not under oath) to the Pope (his cross-examination musta been sponsored by Charmin) he had not done PED’s since he admitted using them during 2002 and ’03. That was just one of the lies A-Rod told that day. On Wednesday, the Pope claimed he figured Rodriguez was lying during the interview.

“Did I know there was a strong chance A-Rod was lying?” Francesa asked on the air Wednesday. “Yes.”

That doesn’t exactly jibe with what Francesa said to A-Rod last November.

“Listen, they (MLB) accused you. They said they had mountains of evidence. They said they could prove you did worse than this,” the Pope preached. “…You know how I feel. You’ve gotten railroaded. I don’t know if you’ve done steroids again or not, that’s your business. You’re stating here now that you’ve never done anything. You should be fighting this tooth and nail…..I would’ve been outraged long before this.”

Even though his gut told him his client, er, interview subject was probably lying, Francesa portrayed Rodriguez as a martyr. And he portrayed himself as a pitbull saying he asked Rodriguez the same questions (are you still doing steroids, did you lie, etc) “ten different ways.”

A few minutes later, Francesa said he asked the question “20 different ways.”

A few minutes later: “42 different ways. What did you want me to do, yell at him,” Francesa said on the air. Tell him, ‘You’re lying.’”

Well, yeah.

If anyone thinks Francesa took any criticism of his first A-Rod interview seriously, think again. In his mind the critiques had nothing to do with the Twinkies Rodriguez feasted on.

“People automatically criticize whoever gets the exclusive,” Francesa claimed. “In this business jealousy is rampant.”

This is why A-Rod should not walk, but run, to do his next interview with Francesa. Not only will he know the same question will be asked multiple times, not only will he know the Pope will answer the questions for him, but he also will know lying is accepted in this venue.

Caller: “Would you consider him (A-Rod) a liar?”

Francesa: “Yes, but most people lie. How many lies do you have to tell to be a liar?”

Caller: “Do you enjoy being lied to on your show?”

Francesa: “That doesn’t matter to me.”

If you’re looking for someone to lead a movement to decriminalize perjury Francesa is your man. Would it matter to Francesa if he, himself, lied to the unwashed masses? Nah, the Sports Pope wouldn’t do that, would he?

Nah, and there is no double standard for A-Rod either, right? Just ask others fortunate enough to be ripped to shreds, either from a distance or one-on-one, by Francesa. Besides, as all the Pope’s toadies, lackeys and sycophants know, it was Bud Selig’s police that were the real villains in the A-Rod caper, for getting down and dirty in their investigation.

All that was missing was a sad violin when Rodriguez told Francesa last November how he was exposing a one-sided arbitration procedure (which was collectively bargained) that will prevent the “next 18-year-old kid” from getting justice.

See A-Rod? See what the Pope can do for you? Unless you’re into a tear jerker. Then go see Oprah or Barbara. Francesa won’t make you cry.

But he will let you lie.

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