Outside the Box: Unique Ways to Get Noticed With Content Marketing

Content marketing is a proven technique for increasing traffic, but it is critical to find ways to stand apart from the competition.

The trick to capturing attention is to make your content not only related to your industry but also geared toward helping consumers.

In other words, if all of your blog posts are nothing more than a glorified advertisement for your products, you probably will not experience a high return on your time investment.

Instead, it is time to embrace a different type of content marketing.

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Fortunately, there are numerous examples of highly innovative content marketing ideas that can inspire you and dramatically improve your odds of creating something that ends up going viral. Here are three of the best to help you get started.     

Free Cab Rides from DUI Lawyers?

New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest drinking days of the year. Sadly, this leads to a high number of arrests and traffic accidents because people fail to utilize alternative transportation. In a noble twist that showcases the law firm’s commitment to helping others as opposed to merely making money, GJEL’s free cab ride program seeks to minimize the amount of DUI arrests that occur in the San Jose area for not just New Year’s Eve, indeed, every weekend.

By offering to reimburse people for their cab fare, GJEL has created a content marketing success story. After all, anyone who utilizes this program will remember the law firm if they ever do need legal help in the future. Or better yet, the Holy Grail of Content Marketing, the referred client.

DIY Cocktail Recipes

The content marketing team behind Anthropologie was able to position their brand as trendy and helpful after they launched a series of summer blog posts highlighting unusual DIY cocktail recipes.

The company does not sell alcohol, but they were able to connect with their audience while making it clear that sipping a refreshing cocktail goes hand-in-hand with wearing their fashionable clothing. This was a brilliant strategy, and it made Anthropologie’s content marketing highly sharable.

Videos Without a Sales Pitch

Using videos as part of an overall content marketing campaign is not a new idea, but the way that you choose to utilize this format can be very exciting for consumers. Skateboard and motorcycle manufacturer Deus Ex Machina is one of the leaders of this type of marketing. What helps this company stand apart is relying on setting a feeling instead of making an actual sales pitch.

I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night” is a beautifully filmed movie that highlights how exciting it can be to ride a big wave or explore a new area while riding on a motorcycle. Again, this is an example of highly sharable content, and it helps viewers envision themselves having the same experiences.

Deus Ex Machina requires an email address to watch more than their eye-catching trailers. This strategy provides the company with the perfect way to directly market their items to people who are daydreaming about surfing and motorcycles as a result of watching one of their films.

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Developing Your Own Unique Approach

Regardless of what type of product or service you sell, you can break out of the norm to make your content marketing more effective. The best way to develop a successful content marketing strategy is to consider who your target customers are and what role you can fulfill in their life.

If you sell books, you could offer informative blog posts or videos about something of interest to your audience such as book restoration or an in-depth look at a famous author’s writing process. A paint company could post a how-to tutorial about the proper way to wash walls.

Even though these examples may not directly tie into what you are actually selling, they will attract attention and expose a wider audience to the services and products that you do offer. Therefore, this approach is a win-win. 

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