New ISIS video shows drone footage, but expert doubts craft can be used in battle


This screenshot from a video released by ISIS shows the view of a town near the Turkish border after Islamic State militants attacked.

A new video from Islamic State appears to use a drone, but one expert who viewed the footage said much of it was staged and that the terrorist army is unlikely to be able to use an unmanned aircrafts in a real attack..

The crisply-edited footage, which can be viewed on the Al Arabiya website, starts with a major explosion in a city identified as Ein Al Salam and later shifts to an aerial view of the mass damage as a result of violent clashes and explosions in the city. In another aerial clip, ISIS pinpoints what they indicated to be three suicide attacks carried out near the Turkish-Syrian border, targeting Kurdish basis and medical centers in an attempt to subdue Kurdish resistance there.

At one point, a camera on the ground follows masked ISIS militants running through a sea of destruction, exchanging fire with Kurdish militants and firing rockets. The web site claims the aerial footage was shot by “planes without a pilot,” prompting potential concerns the drones could be used for more than just filming.

Retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, a Fox News contributor, said filming from a drone and killing from one are two different things.

“The production values are good, but any military person can recognize the phoniness and amateurishness,” he said, noting that “combat” footage in the video is obviously staged, and the shooters depicted are aiming their weapons improperly. 

He said ISIS might be able to fly an explosive-laden drone into a target, but could not drop targeted bombs from one.

“For the average Middle Easterner or punk, though, the video would be convincing,” he said. “It all looks good to some jihadi wannabe, but a U.S. Marine would wet his pants–laughing.”

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