Make More of Your Inbox: Top 10 Best E-Mail Add-Ons for Your Business

Add-ons are software modules that add new functionality to Mozilla and Chrome applications (mostly).

These functionalities can be an introduced feature or just a toolbar button in applications. These modules enable the particular application to be custom made to meet the needs of an individual user. It also minimizes the size of the application hence saves on space.

These software modules are categorized as search engines, plugins, themes, and extensions. Extensions and plugins play the role of adding new features to the browser; while themes change the app’s general look.

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E-Mail Add-Ons

The primary function of emails is to make communication easy and fast. They should follow a certain sequence to help you as a business owner manage your organization.

Email add-ons give businesses an extra advantage by saving time.They help organize and manage emails sent to you by clients. Some of these email add-ons will notify you on the most important emails from whatever place you might be, by communicating to you through your phone or whatever device you may have connected your emails to be sent to.

1. ActiveInbox

This add-on creates great, wonderful task management abilities for Gmail; making the whole emailing process swift. It turns emails into tasks functional tasks. For each email sent or received, one can make notes, create goals and generate the project using the Inbox add-on.

This add-on is freely found on Chrome and Firefox; it simply works where these two computer browsers work.

2. Rapportive

Rapportive works as a browser add-on for Gmail. It changes the Gmail bland-side bar to a useful tool. It is responsible for displaying full information concerning the sender of any email that finds itself in your inbox. Just like its name, rapportive communicates to the owner of the Gmail address concerning absolutely any useful information.

This add-on can be found in Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. Using this add-on ensures that your time does not go to waste by checking for details of someone who sent you an email offering a great deal. It works significantly with Gmail.

3. Away Find

For someone who checks their email on a daily basis; this is the best email add-on for your app. It leads to more productive, less tired persons. Away find notifies you on important aspects of your emails; it ensures you get to know the most important messages on your mobile phone, IM-tools such as Yahoo or Gtalk and Twitter-DMs. It works best on Android/IPhone applications.

This work happens as soon as the emails hit your inbox. Away-find allows you to set-up filters that organize your emails; setting them on fly-through email plugin. The Away-find starting plan will only cost you $15 a month in case you need any more of their products. Otherwise, their account is Free.

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4. EverContact

This email add-on is one of a kind tool. It ensures that your Gmail address book is always updated with all information—all day, every day. It is an automated app that scans through your emails and updates the phone numbers and email address of people you interact with.

This add-on is reliable as it scans the details and ensures they do exist before adding anything to your Gmail address Book.

5. NudgeMail

NudgeMail acts as a reminder. It is an email add-on that reminds you of emails sent to you and alerts you of when the task requested should be completed. You can personalize the settings by sending your emails to today@nudgemail.com or 12hours@nudgemail.com, for it to set your reminders right.

For persons suing Beta, you can get this email add-on for free. It integrates with the Google Calendar as well as your mobile and computer calendars.

6. Automation Tools

Just like the word ‘automation’, Automation tools add-on helps one to construct a sentence automatically by one or two commands.  It reduces the boredom of writing or doing the same thing over and over again. Use this automation tool to quickly set up an email.

Examples of such tools include Texter, Autohotkey and Gmail’s canned responses. These tools fill your script texts with sentences commonly used, and the only thing you need to do is execute a command to allow it in your email construction.

7. Grexit

Grexit allows you to send an email that you sent to someone, probably with instructions on doing something, to other people. These people can be new recruits to your business and need be there to send instructions on completing a task; you can always use Grexit to forward to masses.

Grexit has a special feature where team members have a central place that they can retrieve information in the form of emails. This app is however restricted to Google applications only.

8. Better Gmail 2

Better Gmail 2 works best with Firefox and Chrome (Better Gmail for Chrome). Gmail has been using a number of features from this add-on over the years which we can agree has turned out to be a success for its users. Customizations and adjustments have been made to suit the more complex tech-savvy Gmail users.

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9. Nutshell Mail

This email add-on works to bring out creativity through the use of email. It is an add-on that connects you to your social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and much more. It displays information sent to these social accounts on a regular basis.

Nutshell email add-on summarizes and alerts you to the most important information after having a good number of visits to the social sites you use. It collects relevant information and displays it on your email platform.

10. Xobni

For persons using Outlook accounts, this is the best email add-on for your gadget. It comes as a neat Blackberry app. It functions similarly to Rapportive, showing client profiles. It also keeps a close database of the client’s addresses by automatically generating one. It also enhances the outlook search. Xobni email add-on is a free app that comes in different pro versions.

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