Jets fans create website with effort to fire John Idzik

Jets fans are getting creative in voicing their displeasure with GM John Idzik.Robert Sabo/New York Daily News Jets fans are getting creative in voicing their displeasure with GM John Idzik.

John Idzik has been the Jets GM for less than two years and the fans are already fed up.

Coming off the heels of a press conference where Idzik basically praised the 1-7 team, disgruntled fans have built a website called

The website, spearheaded by Jets fans and season ticket holders Jason Koeppel of Hackensack and his brother Jared, displays a slideshow of the disappointing players under Idzik and has a mission statement detailing their goal to purchase a billboard outside MetLife stadium.

“Join other long suffering Jets fans in our quest to rid the organization of our CLOWN GM,” the statement read. “Our goal is to raise enough money to purchase a billboard in the vicinity of MetLife Stadium and let the Jets know that their most loyal fans are demanding change.”

“Show Woody that we paid our PSL’s. We put up with the massive rip-off that is MetLife Stadium and the absurd price of tickets and concessions. But we will no longer put up with John Idzik running the show.”

The idea for the website was hatched as Koeppel, whose family has been season ticket holders for the last 27 years, was listening to Monday’s press conference. He called his brother and two friends and they all agreed they needed to do something greater than complain on the message boards, thus firejohnidzik.com was born.

“First of all, Sunday’s game was ridiculous. We left the stadium beyond another level of angry,” Koeppel told the Daily News. “Then Monday was the tipping point. I’m listening going ‘are you kidding me?’ We had to do something.

“You’re going to expect people to pour money into your product and you start talking about how well everyone is playing and this ‘play like a Jet’ mantra, it was making my ears bleed.”

The website has been live since Monday and the group of fans have raised $385 total so far, but are a long ways off from their ultimate goal of $10,000, which is how much a billboard in the vicinity of MetLife Stadium would cost. Anyone who donates $25 also receives a FireJohnIdzik.com t-shirt. 

“The plan was kind of hatched overnight so we’re still trying to figure everything out,” Koeppel said. “We’re not trying to make a buck off this. We want to show that a lot of Jets fans are involved in this because that’s a bigger statement.”

Koeppel adds that the blame doesn’t just stop and start with Idzik, but owner Woody Johnson is also responsible for this mess.

“I blame Woody, but you can’t fire the owner,” Koeppel said. “We’re Mets and Knicks fans too, if we could fire the owner, we’d fire them all.”

While the future of the Jets doesn’t look optimistic, Koeppel, like many Jets fans, is stuck paying for PSLs and left hoping he is wrong and the Jets eventually right the ship.

“We’ll be there every Sunday, tailgating, having fun and hoping for the best but expecting the worst,” Koeppel said. “That’s the life of a Jets fan.”

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